Convertible Teardrop Trailer Plans





So you’re tired of your gear getting wet while tent camping? Sick of sleeping on the cold, rocky ground?? Then you sound like you’re ready to build a teardrop trailer!

I have spent countless hours developing a construction guide that will show you, in detail, how I built the convertible teardrop. The Guide is aimed at novice builders who are either just looking for ideas, or those who want to build a clone of the convertible teardrop.

The Convertible Construction Guide is 44 pages of instructions and detailed drawings with measurements, and also a CAD generated 3D model designed by Z. Kaylor Designs. Also included with the Guide are 88 color pictures taken during the actual build of the convertible teardrop, and an additional 29 color pictures taken on August 20, 2011.

The 3D Model is provided as a PDF and is a fully maneuverable, ‘as-built’ model of the convertible teardrop. The model can be viewed from any angle, and you can even choose to hide individual components or to view them in a transparent mode like the image to the right. The image you see here is taken from the actual model.

The convertible teardrop trailer you see on this page was built in the Spring of 2010 for about $1,700.? It took me about 10 weeks from the time the first bolt on the frame was tightened to the time it was ready for its maiden voyage. Weighing in at only about 700lbs, it can be pulled by almost any vehicle!

The Convertible Teardrop Construction Guide is the FIRST and ONLY construction guide that provides detailed information for the installation of a roof fan while still allowing the convertible top to be COMPLETELY removable!

Why would you need a roof fan in a convertible teardrop?!? Although there is a screen roof under the convertible top, it can still get pretty warm inside on a nice sunny day!?? I can guarantee the roof fan will make you so much more comfortable!

And what about thunderstorms on those warm summer nights? The roof fan can provide the air circulation to keep you comfortable even if you have to sleep with the convertible top on!

Specifications of the Convertible:

_Built on a 4×8 bolt-together trailer kit
_Built with basic power tools (circular saw, power drill, handheld jigsaw)
_Weighs about 700lbs
_Teardrop body is 4 feet wide, 9 feet long
_Wired for 12VDC and 110VAC
_The FIRST and ONLY convertible design with a roof fan and 100% removable top

Summary of the Construction Guide Package:

_44-page Construction Guide
_Materials List with sources and approximate costs
_Computer generated (AutoCAD) detailed drawings with precise dimensions
_Step-by-step instructions
_117 Color photos
_3D model in PDF format
_General towing safety sheet
_Basic electrical wiring diagram
_Optional instructions to extend tongue length are included (no welding required)

So go ahead, build the teardrop trailer of your dreams!