DIY Electronic Garden Pest Control


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Electrostatic Garden Pest Deterent
Mike from Michigan shows ?How I Built Mine? Electronic Garden Pest Repeller! A natural Pest Control for your garden.

No chemicals!
Green DIY Pest Control!
While experimenting with electricity to increase plant growth Mike noticed he no longer had issues with Rabbits or Woodchucks chewing on his tender new plants. He also no longer had ground squirrels digging the sprouted seed from the base of his Sweetcorn Seedlings!!

Have you ever snuck up behind someone, after building a static charge by scuffing your feet on carpet, and snapped them on the ear???

Imagine a poor helpless rabbit, squirrel, or woodchuck going to take a bite from a tender plant and getting a thick blue static electric spark on his wet snout. It kind of takes the fun out of eating. I have also noticed some types of caterpillars (like tomato hornworm) just don’t like my plants any longer. My guess is the moths that bring the eggs to the plants no longer find it a suitable place.

Download and build your own Electronic Garden Pest Control