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DIY Guides and information all created by Mike from Michigan.? Get all 40 of his “How I Built Mine” style guides and information all great ideas and projects for around the home and saving money$$$

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If you are looking for handyman plans and Ideas for around the home, ways for living off the grid, and many other other Handyman Plans such as how to rejevenate batteries, sealed batteries, lead acid batteries and more.

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40 DIY Handyman Plans Special

? Rejuvenate Lead Acid Batteries
? Seed Growth Accelerator
? Predator Control
? Rejuvenate Car Batteries
? Wind Turbine Slip Rings
? DIY Waste Oil Burner
? Automobile Fuel Mileage Enhancement
? Electroculture Increase Plant Growth
? How To Restore NICAD Batteries
? Orgone Accumulator Plans
? Induction Motor Alternator
? Magnetic Field Detector
? Electromagnetic Water Conditioner
? DIY Water Ionizer Machine
? DIY Electric Fence Charger
? Electronic Dump Load Controller
? Build a Negative Ion Generator
? Automoble Fuel Vaporizer
? Whiskey Barrel Pickles
? Generate Electricity From Heat
? Alternator Welder Plans
? Electronic Mosquito Repellent
? DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator Plans
? Low RPM PMA Alternator

? Family Feud Game Controller
? Waste Oil Diesel Fuel
? Stubborn Fluorescent Light Starter
? Smoke Detector Delay
? DIY 12 Volt Fluorescent Ballast
? Homemade Sensitive Listening Device
? Shoe Ionizer Plans
? Driveway Drag
? DIY Generator & Motor Rewinding
? DIY Electronic Garden Pest Repeller
? DIY Visible Voltmeter
? DIY Automatic Pot Stirrer
? Root Cellar Storm Shelter Guide
? Build Generator Voltage Regulator
? Backlit Thermometer Plans
? Battery Tender Plans
? DIY Cargo Strap Winder
? Wireless Remote Generator Throttle Plans
? Mill Power Crossfeed Plans
? DIY Refill Your Own CO2
? EMF Free Blanket DIY Guide
? Cell Phone Dessicator Plans
? Build A EMP Protector
? Multiwave Oscillator Plans
? John Ellis Water Energizer

PLUS BONUS DIY Rotary Phase Converter Guide!