Flat Bar Roller Plans


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Flat Bar Roller Plans

Ideal for every fabrication shop. This roller will roll from large rings down to small tight rings. No need to disassemble the rollers to remove the rolled ring. You can even complete the welding of the ring and continue to roll until the perfect circle.

Homemade Flat Bar Ring Roller Specifications:

19” wide
12” deep
30” high
Material maximum  ¼” thick x 2” wide
Minimum rolled material diameter 4”

Thickness up to 1/4”
Widths up to 2” wide.
Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel

Smaller Purchased Manual Flat Bar Roller

If you could get by with a little smaller Flat Bar Roller that will also do small-gauge rod. We would recommend this manual Flat bar and Steel ring roller here on Amazon our affiliate. Check out all of the specs on the linked page.

Flat Bar Roller Purchased Parts

We have built a lot of shop and fabrication equipment over the years.  Save money, expand your capabilities and build this handy flat bar roller.

Below are the only purchase parts you will need besides the steel to build your own flat bar roller.

Click on links or images below for detailed purchased parts specifications:

Current Recommended Parts for the Flat Bar Ring Roller Plans

(QTY. 4) REQUIRED 2” O.D. X 1” I.D. BEARINGS (For current Price and details)

(QTY. 4) 1-1/4″ 2 BOLT FLANGE BEARING – (For Details)

(QTY. 1) 4 TON HYDRAULIC BOTTLE JACK – Click on the image for details

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