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DIY Floating Gazebo

Unique floating Wooden Gazebo Plans. Build this Floating Gazebo from our Gazebo Plans

I was going to build the Gazebo on the edge of my dock down by the lake but I thought ….I might just as well build the deck with floats on it and I can then take it out fishing too.

The deck is 18ft x 18ft with 12 plastic foam filled dock floats that are 4ft x 4ft by 18 inches. high. and the Gazebo is 10 ft. Hexagon with a table and chairs inside.

Under the table is my trolling motor so I can take it out to my favorite fishing hole. The trolling motor is remote controlled wireless so I can be fishing outside and operate the motor. I have 2 electric winch anchors. ?

18 Ft. square deck with a 10 ft. Hexagon Gazebo in the center,? Four screen windows, and two 36″ doors.? Cedar siding, round table with chairs inside. Remote controlled trolling motor with a built-in depth finder and fish finder. Two electric anchors, water pump for cleaning fish.?

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