Free Metal Brake Plans


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Homemade Free Sheet Metal Brake Plans

Aluminum Bending Brake Plans

  • Plans include 2 different designs.
  • Bend up to 24 ga & thicker on shorter bends.
  • Designs given are working specifications and can be varied to your liking.
  • Folding leaf design.
  • Design No. 2 permits partial tab and reverse bends.
  • Design 1 bending width about 12
  • Design 2 bending 18-24

Simplify your Metal Working projects with these Bending Brake Plans!


These Metal Bending Brake Plans are very versatile, simple plans built out of wood hardwood, or softwood faced with metal. 2 different bending brake plans are included.

Free Metal Brake Plans Specifications

• Work capacity of both brakes is about 12 in.

• No. 2 design will work satisfactorily up to about 18-24 in.

• No.1 brake will not handle metal thicker than 24 ga. • No. 2 Brake will work 22 ga. material.

• Both will handle much thicker metal if the bend is short.

Dimensions given are working specifications and can be varied. The second set of plans which are somewhat a little more difficult to make offers stronger construction but permits partial (tab) and reverse bends which are not possible with design No.1. Both designs are of folding leaf variety.