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  • Purple Martin Birdhouse Plans

    Purple Martin Birdhouse Plans


    FREE PURPLE MARTIN BIRDHOUSE PLANS Easy Fast Download This 2 page Free PDF document has everything you need to build your own martin house. Purple Martins are sometimes hard to attract and get them to nest but these Free plans include information about where to place your house, ideas if birds are not nesting and…

  • Free Metal Brake Plans

    Free Metal Brake Plans


    Homemade Free Sheet Metal Brake Plans Aluminum Bending Brake Plans Plans include 2 different designs. Bend up to 24 ga & thicker on shorter bends. Designs given are working specifications and can be varied to your liking. Folding leaf design. Design No. 2 permits partial tab and reverse bends. Design 1 bending width about 12…

  • Kart Plans Free

    Kart Plans Free


    Free Go Kart Plans Includes exploded views, piece part drawings and measurements with instructions. Download Free Go Kart Plans Instantly!! Just add to your cart & check out. Plans are FREE – download given at the end of the checkout process, no credit card or payment required

  • Bird Bath Molds

    Bird Bath Molds


    Free Bird Bath Mold Plans Cast Inexpensively from concrete! Homemade Birdbath makes an eye lawn ornament. Easily make this Homemade Birdbath form out of wood. Base and pedestal are poured concrete. Bowl molded from a stiff concrete mix. Easily replace concrete bowl with a sundial or metal sphere. Download Concrete Birdbath Mold plans Today. Inexpensively…

  • Pergola Plans

    Pergola Plans


    FREE PERGOLA PLANS DOWNLOAD! Build your own Simple Outdoor Pergola or Grill Gazebo! Covered Pergola Plans easily to construct Can be used for many applications, a BBQ Grill Gazebo, Patio or House Awning Roof Built with lightweight colorful materials Supplier ideas included Free Outdoor Wood Pergola Plans (Open Patio Style) Simple plans for an outdoor…

  • free welding table plans

    Welding Table Plans


    FREE WELDING TABLE PLANS Simple and easy to build!! Steel Welding Table Plans great for Ornamental metal tooling!! Welding fixture designed for production!! Made mainly from scrap The first prototype was made to handle 10-foot x 8-foot sections of fence, burglar bars, even garage doors! Dimensions of the components aren’t critical as long as they…

  • Free PVC Cannon Plans

    PVC Cannon Plans


    Free PVC Cannon Plans Get a BANG out of your next 4th party or any celebration.? Download these PVC Carbide Cannon Plans and build your own nostalgic ship style cannon! Construction time about 3 hours Charged with about 2/3 teaspoon of carbide powder Built with plywood and PVC Lightweight and easy to haul around! Download…

  • Free Wooden Lathe Plans

    Wood Lathe Plans


    FREE WOODEN LATHE PLANS Homemade Wood Lathe From these Free Wood Lathe Plans you can swing a 12″ disk on the headstock and also turn down a full-length table leg between centers!! Self Contained Unit Four Speed V Belt Drive Quick Acting Tail Stock Simple Wood Lathe Plans!! Instant Free Download of Home Made Lathe…

  • Build A Battery Charger


    Free DIY 12v Battery Charger Quick Charger – Car Battery Charger Plans! Build this battery charger for next to nothing with scrap car parts from your local junkyard or salvage yard! Includes 12v Battery Charger Circuit Diagram Simple Easy To Build Car Battery Charger Plans Instant Free Download for Building Your Own Battery Charger! Just…

  • Barbeque Smoker Plans


    Free Barbeque Smoker Plans Free Homemade Smoker Plans, built from a scrap tank. How to build a Pit Smoker & Trailer to go with included. Step by Step instructions Complete BBQ Smoker Parts List Diagrams Safety Measures Tips & Tricks for complete instruction Mounting on trailer Free instant download on how to build an outdoor…

  • Plans For A Crossbow


    FREE HOMEMADE WOODEN CROSSBOW PLANS Detailed Free Crossbow Plans with complete instructions and detailed information. Build this wooden crossbow inexpensively from wood and some purchased parts. Complete Bill of Materials Tips, Tricks, and Hints on how to build a crossbow Step by Step Instructions Trigger Guard Diagrams & Layouts CROSSBOW PLANS INSTANT DOWNLOAD! Just add…

  • free smokehouse plans

    Smokehouse Plans


    Free Smokehouse Plans Build a Smokehouse with these simple free plans, or use them as Tool Shed Plans. Free plans on how to make a smoker. Some house Design Specifications 8x6x8 Wooden Smokehouse Plans or Tool House Concrete floors & footings shown Complete Bill of Materials Free Plans on How To Make A Smokehouse These…