GM H Body Sub Frame Repair





GM H-body Sub-Frame Repair from ’92 to ’99
Many folks have experienced sub-frame problems with the GM H-body from ’92 to ’99. The rear sub-frame members have rotted away right around the mounts to the body allowing the whole drive train assembly to drop down and possibly disconnect the steering mechanism.

I researched the situation on the Internet and found lots of solution options ranging from junking the car to a major sub-frame replacement. My choice was to weld replacement plates [or rings] for the body to frame rubbers to sit on and try to get a few more years out of it.

My ’96 Le Sabre is undoubtedly the best car I’ve ever had. Great mileage, good looks and lots of interior comforts are only a few of it’s attributes. However, after years of bouncing around on New Hampshire frost heaves and pot holes plus road salt, time has take its toll.? I opted to attempt to repair it and it worked so slick I put together an 18-page instruction booklet on how to do it.? It has lots of photos, an index and information on where to get the parts you’ll need.

Save Money and repair your GM H-body sub-frame with this Manual complete with pictures and where to get the parts!
Download H Body Sub Frame Repair Guide