Low Cost Double Carport plans





Short of a full garage, a carport probably gives your car’s finish the best protection against nature’s destructive forces. These forces include summer’s heat and sunlight, spring’s rain and pollen, fall’s falling debris and winter’s frost. Year after year, these natural forces degrade the paint on you car aas well as providing an unnecessary nuisance.? Why then do so many cars sit beside homes without the protection of a carport? The only answer I can think of is money!? To eliminate this problem, I have devised this low cost carport plan using economical pressure treated lumber to make a sturdy frame for a fabric roofed carport. The pressure treated framework is very strong yet economical. It allows you to get your cars under a fabric roofed carport right away for only a small cost. You can also add a hard roof later if so desired. You’ll get complete plans for a low cost double carport.