Post Pounder




Build Your Own Post Pounder!!

New Post Driver Design is Much Safer & Easier
Build Your Own Post Driver
Easy To Build?Trail Post Driver
Excellent For Snowmobile Posts


Easy to build.

A complete plan.

Complete Material list.

All Dimensions Included

Welding Tips

Powder Coat Tips

New Safe Design For
Metal Fence Post Driver

Product Description:
A build it your self plan for the Snowmobile Trail Post Driver and multi-purpose driving tool.” The only post pounder that can drive posts with the trail signs still attached” The post driver has a striking plate that sits on top of the post and a slide hammer hits the striking plate. Doubles as a t-post driver and ground rod driver. The post driver is not top heavy like conventional post pounders, which consist of a simple pipe with handles. Includes a bonus plan . The post driver was designed for snowmobile clubs but may be cost prohibitive for clubs to purchase so a build it yourself plan was developed for clubs and do it yourselfers to build their own. Only a welder and a chop saw are needed to build. Highlights Easy to build. A complete plan. Material list. All dimensions included Welding tips. Powder Coat Tips
Ultra Simple only very basic skills needed