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  • Spiral stairs for your Deck Plans

    Spiral stairs for your Deck Plans


    Spiral Stairs for your Deck Add beautiful spiral stairs to your deck, beach house, treehouse, etc.? I’ve never seen a set of spiral stairs outside, but what a great place to have one. Outside for all the world to see and envy.? Build them from easy to get and inexpensive decking materials.? Complete plans, drawings…

  • Post Pounder

    Post Pounder


    Build Your Own Post Pounder!! New Post Driver Design is Much Safer & Easier Build Your Own Post Driver Easy To Build?Trail Post Driver Excellent For Snowmobile Posts Highlights Easy to build. A complete plan. Complete Material list. All Dimensions Included Welding Tips Powder Coat Tips New Safe Design For Metal Fence Post Driver Product…

  • Multi Purpose Building Plans

    Multi Purpose Building Plans


    Unique Building Plans Introducing the easiest, cheapest, strongest and fastest way to put up a structure. Inventor Vincent Theriault has developed this system a mix between a teepee and a yurt, structures that have been around for millenia’s. Because of the shape, he strongly believes that it is the best shape for a greenhouse, and…

  • Marlin Zimmerman

    Cattle Feeder


    Cattle Feeder Plans This steer feeder is a simple design that I built for many of my neighbors. It opens by completely tilting the whole roof to one side, making it easy to fill, or access for cleanout if necessary. I built them as a sideline and didn’t advertise much, but many of them were…

  • A Frame Plans


    A-Frame Plans Low cost Small A Frame Plans for building a 16′ x 20′ A-frame for storage, shop, etc. Additional info to make a 16′ x 24′ A-Frame for a Vacation cottage. Room for small kitchen, bath, living room and 2nd story sleeping chamber. Make your dream of building your own A-Frame a reality today!…