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DIY Rejuvenate Car Batteries
Another guide created by mike from Michigan on how to Rejuvenate Lead Acid Car or Truck batteries. Mike rejuvenates many Car & Truck batteries for his battery bank which he uses to power his house since he loves Off The Grid.

I have many different types of eqquipment from backhoes to gas powered air compressors, cars and trucks. Each has a lead acid battery and when they set for a while (sometimes a year or more) they go dead and will not recharge.? A good lead acid battery will lose 10% charge per month when just sitting.? When sitting in a uncharged state Sulfate Crystals grow on the lead plates and reduce the active surface area on the plates resulting in reduced efficiency. These crystals are hard and severely resist re-dissolving into the electrolyte when recharging, this is what keeps the battery from recharging.

This Lead Acid Battery Rejuvenation Guide will show you how to use water and a good battery charger to remove the Hard Crystals and restore the battery to ?take a charge? again.

This will not fix every battery, batteries wit hshorted cells or broken internal bus bars cannot be fixed. This if more for the batteries that sit for extended periods nd will no longer charge or will have diminished capacity!

Recondition Car and Truck Batteries

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