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  • Rotary Phase Converter Plans


    ROTARY PHASE CONVERTER PLANS   Convert Single Phase Power to 3 Phase Power with these complete plans and wiring schematics! Did you know you can run 3-phase motor equipped power tool in your shop? ? If you have a single phase electric supply with two hot legs, you can create 3-phase from it if you…

  • Restoring Nicad Batteries


    RESTORING NICAD BATTERIES     How To Restore Nicad Batteries This is a proven Guide and artcle showing you how to make a simple machine on How To Restore Nicad Batteries. Mike from Michigan shows his “How I Built Mine” style guide on How To Repair Nicad Batteries and SAVE MONEY$$$ He has done it…

  • Rejuvenating Lead Acid Batteries

    Rejuvenating Lead Acid Batteries


    SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY REJUVENATION   This inexpensive guide by Mike from Michigan will show you how to correctly Rejuvenate Lead Acid Batteries. SAVE money by recondtioning those Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for all of your toys, wheelchairs and more. Sealed lead acid batteries are used on many items, like power wheel chairs, kids barbie…

  • Rejuvenate Car Battery

    Rejuvenate Car Battery


    CAR BATTERY RECONDITIONING GUIDE   DIY Rejuvenate Car Batteries Another guide created by mike from Michigan on how to Rejuvenate Lead Acid Car or Truck batteries. Mike rejuvenates many Car & Truck batteries for his battery bank which he uses to power his house since he loves Off The Grid. I have many different types…

  • How To Make EMF Free Safe Electric Blanket


    HOW TO MAKE EMF FREE SAFE ELECTRIC BLANKET   Guide on How To Convert A Electric Blanket To EMF FREE In 1990, the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study on the use of electric blankets which?demonstrated “a quadrupling in the risk of brain tumors amongst children whose mothers used an electric blanket in the…

  • Generator & Motor Rewinding

    Generator & Motor Rewinding


    DIY AC GENERATOR & MOTOR REWINDING   Lightning damage and a huge repair bill for your standby power generator?? Electric motors and ac generators are basically the same and the same skills and materials can be used to rewind both.?Mike from Michigan?shows a lightning damaged stator being rewound with new coils. It covers removing the…

  • diy electricity from fire

    Generate Electricity From Heat


    DIY ELECTRICITY FROM YOUR WOODSTOVE OR OTHER HEAT SOURCE   Electricity can be generated directly from most any heat source. It is called “the Seebeck effect”. Mike from Michigan used this generating phenomenon to run an air circulating fan which also worked as a humidifier, by combining a fan and a saucepan which held water….

  • Fluorescent Light Repair


    FLUORESCENT LIGHT REPAIR   Fix For Stubborn Fluorescent Lights Do you have stubborn fluorescent lights in your barn garage or other that need 10 minutes of “warmup time” before they will fire? MIKE from MICHIGAN had this trouble especially in?his cold damp garage so he built a device from a childs toy (and?one larger) ?that…

  • build a voltage regulator

    DIY Generator Voltage Regulator


    DIY GENERATOR VOLTAGE REGULATOR   Generac (Simplicity-Sears-Dayton etc) Build it yourself AC Generator Voltage Regulator Circuit DPE Brush Field Type In this Guide, Mike from Michigan shows how he built a Voltage Regulator to fix his Old AC Generator.? Follow his guide on how to repair your old generator and save money by using salvaged…

  • emp protection for vehicles

    Build A EMP Protector


    How To Build an Electromagnetic Pulse Protector In today’s digital age, we rely heavily on electronic devices for communication, transportation, and entertainment. However, the convenience that technology brings also makes us vulnerable to threats such as an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. An EMP can be generated by a nuclear explosion or a solar storm, and…

  • Battery Tender Plans for NiCD NiMH Lithium

    Battery Tender Plans for NiCD NiMH Lithium


    Homemade Battery Charger for NiCD NiMH Lithium Unless you use your cordless tool batteries, every day, they sit and when you do need them they often don’t have a full charge from self-discharge. Fast chargers are quick, however, they reduce the charge/discharge life cycle number from gassing which can’t be reabsorbed as quickly as the…

  • 12 Volt Fence Charger12 Volt Fence Charger

    12 Volt Fence Charger


    DIY 12 VOLT FENCE CHARGER Mike in Michigan was having issues with bears busting up their beehives. An electric fence didn’t always do the trick for lack of power. Boughten electric fencers generally give a 3/8″ spark and he needed one that was more. What he came up with had a good 3/4″ spark, was…