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Convert Single Phase Power to 3 Phase Power with these complete plans and wiring schematics!
Did you know you can run 3-phase motor equipped power tool in your shop? ? If you have a single phase electric supply with two hot legs, you can create 3-phase from it if you have the proper device.? You could buy a static phase converter.? A 1HP to 3HP unit is about $300 from Zoro Tools and other suppliers.? You can also make a DIY rotary phase converter [RPC] for next to nothing.? I made mine from a junkyard furnace blower motor, a scrap 3-phase induction motor that I salvaged from a big, old air compressor destined for the scrap yard and a bunch of angle and plate I had been tripping over in my shop for years.

My nearly free 3-phase idler motor turned out to be way overkill [10HP] but the price was right.? The actual current draw of it under almost no load isn’t much different that a 2 HP under full load so I went for it.? No harm; no foul.? When I’m gone, my kids can scrap it and buy a new car with the proceeds since the windings are copper and it must weigh over 200 pounds.? You may opt for a somewhat smaller idler motor.

My rotary phase converter is not built as a motor-generator set. If it were, it would completely isolate the load from the single-phase supply and produce balanced 3-phase output. Due to the expense and complexity of that type of converter, my DIY RPC is not built that way. Mine is built out of a used 3-phase induction motor [the idler] and a used single phase motor [the pony motor].

Homemade 3 Phase Converter Guide Shows You everything you need to build one yourself!
Phase Converter Diagram For Constructing
Rotary Phase Converter Wiring Diagrams

You will need, no doubt, to buy some stuff even if you’re a collector like me.? You’ll need a suitable service disconnect and a bunch of heavy gauge, three conductor cable but you’d need that even with a commercial static phase converter.? I strongly recommend you consult with an electrician to help you size the electrical stuff you need.
Homemade Phase Converter

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