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Sheet Metal Brake Plans: After you download the file you can print them out on any desktop printer. The cover and pages can be hole-punched and put into a book form if desired or the pages can be printed out and tacked up on your shop wall!) All dimensions are in inches , use your calculator or digital calipers to convert to Metric or other dimension. Part numbers for commercially available cam-followers are listed on plans.
The prototype has been tested on 31″ x 26 guage galvanized steel and will bend shorter pieces of 24 guage. (see video)(stainless requires more force)

The ONLY One-Stroke Sheet Metal Brake in the world! ? ? ?? Click on pictures above to enlarge.
See The DIY Metal Brake Video Below
Complete DIY Metal Brake Plans to build a unique “Wunstroke” Sheet Metal Brake. This sheet metal brake will clamp and bend with just ONE STROKE. Double your production, reduce labor costs, and finish your job faster with this DIY Sheet Metal Brake. Designed/invented by a AC /ornamental-metals contractor.? Very Portable!
(SOME basic milling,turning, welding, fabricating experience is required). Wunstroke will do any bending, paneling, hemming that an old fashioned brake can, with one stroke versus six! ? Sheet Metal Bender Plans Specifications:

Compact & Portable
Can be broken down into two pieces in 30 seconds
Double Your Sheet Metal Bending Production
Clamp to any substantial workbench or a pair of sawhorses.
Clamp to a bracket in a pickup truck or van for remote, on the job use
Complete parts list included.

Sheet metal brake can be broken down in 30 seconds. Top clamp weighs about 25 pounds, bottom weighs about 85 pounds.? Loosen two wing nuts, unhook return spring and take the top clamp off for transport or storage. Requires SOME machining? and welding. Full-size essential parts-drawings can be used for templates or to CNC-plasma cut parts.
Drawings come with intellectual property license to build 2 brakes. (Build a 30 inch brake for one-man portability and scale up drawings and build a four-foot brake for shop) Drawings are more illustrator-style than blueprint-type and are very easy to read. Some machining-photos are in final pages of drawings. There are? 25 -? 8-1/2″ x 11″ pages of drawings total.

FREE email support, email address of inventor on most pages of drawings.
INSTANT Download & Build
DIY Sheet Metal Brake

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