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  • Wire Mesh Bending Brake Plans

    Wire Mesh Bender – Wire Mesh Bending Brake


    WIRE MESH BENDING PLANS Handy, easy to use Wire Mesh Bending Brake Plans. Portable for on the job site use. Excellent for wire mesh bending and wire mesh crimping! If you are looking for a wire mesh bending jig or wire mesh bending tool, this will form and bend your wire & wire mesh with…

  • Sheet Metal Brake Plans


    DIY Sheet Metal Brake Plans (Simple To Build Design) Add to your fabrication shops equipment list and build your own Sheet Metal Brake from our DIY Metal Brake Plans. SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum bending width = 48” Bending capacity 90 degrees 18 Ga. X 48” 16 Ga. X 36” 14 Ga. X 24” 10 Ga. X 12”…

  • Sheet Metal Brake Plans


    SHEET METAL BRAKE PLANS   Sheet Metal Brake Plans: After you download the file you can print them out on any desktop printer. The cover and pages can be hole-punched and put into a book form if desired or the pages can be printed out and tacked up on your shop wall!) All dimensions are…

  • scroll bender plans

    Scroll Bender Plans


    SCROLL BENDER PLANS Now Build Your Own Scroll Bender and make your heavy duty scrolls, bends, hooks and more. Add decorative scrolls to railings, banisters, your DXF cut metal work and more.  Make hooks for hanging flower baskets and other items. Only as limited as your mind. Build it out of scrap metal for next to…

  • Scroll Bender – Picket Twister


    Homemade Metal Twister Plans Scroll Bender Plans, & Picket Twister Plans, build your own steel bender! Easy to build bending tools for wrought iron bending and wrought iron designs. Excellent for ornamental ironwork, wrought iron staircases and more!! Simple Scroll Bender & Picket Twister Plans PROFESSIONAL DRAWINGS THAT SHOW EVERYTHING YOU NEED WHAT ARE IN…

  • Rebar Bender


    REBAR BENDER   Make your own Rebar Bender – Manual Rebar Bender with this simple to follow plans. Easily bend rebar with this simple rebar bender & hickey bar. Rebar Bender Manual Rebar Bender ******MAKE YOUR OWN****** Concrete Rebar Benders – Hickey Bars EASY TO FOLLOW DETAILED PLANS ??WHAT ARE IN THE PLANS? COMPLETE BILL…

  • Handle Bending Tool – Concrete Lift Anchor


    PRECAST CONCRETE LIFT ANCHOR   Make your own precast concrete lifting anchors with this simple Precast Concrete Anchor Tool, Rebar Bending Tool. Easily bend rebar into the shape of a concrete hook, concrete anchor and produce your own Concrete Anchors. Precast Concrete Lift Anchor ******MAKE YOUR OWN****** Handle Bending Tool Concrete Rebar Lift Anchors Rebar…