Smoke Detector Delay


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11 minutes of peace

Do you have a smoke detector in a room like the kitchen or by a woodstove , that screeches at you when you open the oven or add firewood??? Your next step is to kill the power and –hopefully– later come back and? remember to turn it back on.
Mike from?Michigan shows you how to make a smoke detector delay he built for his son’s house. When you need relief from a screaming detector simply push the button on the unit and it will give you 11 minutes of instant peace then automatically returns power. It hooks to most any 120v detector and you can also hook it to the battery backup.? The picture shows the unit hooked to a detector and you?are able to?place it in any enclosure you wish.? You are also able to change one component to increase or decrease the delay time.
This item? is a simple file showing electronic timer circuit so some electronic skills are helpful. File has pictures, schematic and parts list? which can be purchased at radio shack, digikey, allied electronics or ebay
Smoke Detector Delay Guide

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