40 x 31 x 33 Waist High Raised Planter Box Plans



Waist High Planter Plans – 40 x 31 x 33

This product is great for any gardener who prefers to garden at waist-level 

Ideal for elderly, disabled and handicapped gardeners.

  • Excellent physical therapy.
  • Easy access while standing or sitting.
  • Unrestricted access under the soil box.

8-1/4 inch deep soil box provides adequate soil depth for all of your plants.

This sturdy structure can be placed on your wood deck or concrete patio. You can also place it on the soil in your garden area, perhaps with a stepping stone block under each leg to keep it from settling deep into the soil surface.

The light-weight frame structure can be easily moved or relocated, by one person, once the soil tubs are emptied and removed (from the frame structure).

Every single part is readily available at your local Home Depot or any good hardware store.

Professionally designed waist high garden bench:

  • This product is professionally designed by mechanical engineers at Schultek Engineering & Technology, for years of reliable service.
  • This is a great weekend project for the moderately-skilled woodworker.

Included in this package:

  • Designs for the complete waist-high raised-bed structure.
  • Thorough and complete dimensioned drawings and photos are provided. A PDF copy will be emailed to you when payment is received.
  • A complete and detailed list of materials is provided.
  • This product is designed so that every single item of hardware and lumber can be readily purchased at your local Home Depot or any other good hardware store.
  • Every item is identified specifically by a photo, UPC barcode number or other product I.D.\

Frame Structure:

  • All lumber is solid American/California Redwood, rough sawn, un-sanded with no applied finish. This gives it an attractive, slightly rustic look, with white to light reddish color variations.
  • Cedar is as an excellent substitute for redwood, depending on local availability and cost of these products.
  • This lumber is the same grade that is used for fences. Natural variations in the lumber give a unique look to each structure. Board thickness is 11/16″ /- 1/16″.
  • California Redwood is naturally very resistant to rot (similar to cedar). It is designed to be filled with dirt and used as-is.
  • If desired, the redwood/cedar can be sanded smooth (for a more refined look). It can also be sealed or stained to a different color with common deck sealer.
  • Actual outside dimensions are 40″ x 31″ x 33″H.
  • All structural joints are assembled with heavy-duty, 1/4″ diameter, zinc-plated (anti-corrosion) steel carriage bolts.
  • Tapered legs give the structure a more attractive look while reducing unnecessary weight.
  • The entire structure is built to last for years of productive use.

Soil box:

  • Actual total soil surface area is over 7-1/2 square feet.
  • 8-1/4 internal soil box depth.
  • Actual soil box internal dimensions are 38-1/2 long x 28-1/4 wide.
  • Soil box floorboards are well-supported around the entire perimeter with zinc-plated steel brackets and a sturdy wooden cross-brace.
  • Spaces between the floorboards allow for adequate drainage. Landscape filter cloth keeps soil contained in the soil box.

Construction and Assembly details:

  • Material cost for this project is approximately $45.
  • This product can be built and assembled with moderate wood-working skills and several common wood-working tools.
  • Assemble in approximately  1 hour with a basic 7/16 wrench (or socket wrench) and some sort of hammer.

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