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This guide will show you how to Build Your Own Gasoline Vaporizer and increase your MPG. “How I Built Mine” style guide, by Mike?from Michigan. DIY gas vaporizer tells you how you can build one yourself and start saving from the high gas prices!

In the early 1900?s a fellow named Charles Pogue Patented numerous Vaporizing Carburetors.? Some of these reported 28 miles to the pint of gasoline with no appreciable power loss. This DIY Guide will show you how to create a fuel vaporizer that was placed on a multi-port fuel injected pickup.? The mileage went from 13 MPG to almost 19 mpg. That is roughly a 40% increase.
Fuel Vaporizer System Details

Shows complete vaporizer

Control Circuit

Other engine-related modifications

This can be adapted to other vehicles and can be designed to fit and work with your specific vehicle.
Liquid Gasoline — Will Not Burn — Get it to vaporize and get more mpg
How I built A Gas Vaporizer

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