Generate Electricity From Heat




Electricity can be generated directly from most any heat source. It is called “the Seebeck effect”. Mike from Michigan used this generating phenomenon to run an air circulating fan which also worked as a humidifier, by combining a fan and a saucepan which held water. This file shows his device.

Build A Power Pot

Create your own electricity from a campfire, woodstove or other!
The parts are easy to come up with and the electricity can be used to charge cell phones, digital devices, or even run lights. Use the phenomenon?from most any steady heat source, from a woodstove to campfire. build a unit much larger and run whatever you wish.

Download DIY Fire to Electricity

This file is also included in Mikes “Handyman Projects” which holds 40 files. The “Handyman Projects”?can be updated so you can get all the new files free. See all of the Handyman projects here:

DIY Thermoelectric Generator & 40 OTHER DIY Handyman Project Guides

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