Measuring Magnetic Field





Magnetc Field Strength Detector
Are you building your own permanent magnet alternator for wind power or do you use magnets experimentally? Would you like to know easily which end of the magnet you are looking at and how strong it is?
This Magnetic Guide Shows You How To Test:
? Magnetic Strength
? Magnetic Polarity Detection
In this project Mike from Michigan, shows you how to build a little handy box for working with magnets. Simply push the button and hold ink pen probe to the magnet.?The digital voltmeter will indicate not only which end of the magnet you are looking at, but also how strong?the magnetic field is.
A very simple little electronic circuit is the heart of this device?so some soldering and schematic skills are needed. Includes parts list and directions on use.
How To Measure Magnetic Strength Guide!

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