Restoring Nicad Batteries






How To Restore Nicad Batteries
This is a proven Guide and artcle showing you how to make a simple machine on How To Restore Nicad Batteries. Mike from Michigan shows his “How I Built Mine” style guide on How To Repair Nicad Batteries and SAVE MONEY$$$ He has done it many times and shows you how you can do it too!

Nicad batteries will often get a short in a cell causing it to lose its charge IMMEDIATELY after a recharge cycle.
This Guide on Restoring Nicad Batteries includes a copy of a old magazine article that tells how to build a simple machine to burn the shorts out of these individual cells. The article was written in the 70?s when most Nicad Batteries were used in a 1 or 2 cell pack. With todays Nicad and NM Batteries thhey have much higher voltages and the original machine needed updating. The remainder of the Guide on How to Restore Nicad Batteries shows a Updated Version of the Machine with Schematic, Parts List and the Instructions for using it.

NOTE: It will not work every time but VERY OFTEN it will Very Inexpensively give you a functioning Nicad Battery again.
Many times Battery Repair Outfits will use this type of system to Facilitate an IMMEDIATE fix instead of rebuilding the whole pack.
This also often works great for Maintaining your Nicad Batteries charge should you notice your pack has diminished capacity.

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