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  • DIY Pot Stirrer

    DIY Pot Stirrer


    DIY POT STIRRER   Cuts Time In Half or More! Build this handy automatic stirring device and not only reduce (condense) your sauces, ketchup and many other food stuffs but save time while you are at it! Mike from Michigan created his own handy automatic stirring – agitator device which clamps to your pot.? Spend…

  • how to build a solar cooker

    Solar Cooker Plans


    SOLAR COOKER PLANS   These plans will show you in detail how to build the Best Solar Cooker, at a VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE! If you have been looking around for a Solar Grill to buy or the Best Homemade Solar Cookers to build, this is it! DIY Solar Cooker Benefits Materials can be easily found…