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  • Rebar Bender


    REBAR BENDER   Make your own Rebar Bender – Manual Rebar Bender with this simple to follow plans. Easily bend rebar with this simple rebar bender & hickey bar. Rebar Bender Manual Rebar Bender ******MAKE YOUR OWN****** Concrete Rebar Benders – Hickey Bars EASY TO FOLLOW DETAILED PLANS ??WHAT ARE IN THE PLANS? COMPLETE BILL…

  • Handle Bending Tool – Concrete Lift Anchor


    PRECAST CONCRETE LIFT ANCHOR   Make your own precast concrete lifting anchors with this simple Precast Concrete Anchor Tool, Rebar Bending Tool. Easily bend rebar into the shape of a concrete hook, concrete anchor and produce your own Concrete Anchors. Precast Concrete Lift Anchor ******MAKE YOUR OWN****** Handle Bending Tool Concrete Rebar Lift Anchors Rebar…

  • DIY Hydraulic Rebar Cutter


    DIY HYDRAULIC REBAR CUTTER   Build Your Own Hydraulic Rebar Cutter From Our Professionally Designed Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Plans Speed up your Rebar Cutting With this automatic Rebar Cutter ******MAKE YOUR OWN****** Hydraulic Rebar Cutter EASY TO FOLLOW DETAILED Rebar Cutter Plans ??WHAT ARE IN THE PLANS? COMPLETE BILL OF MATERIALS BILL OF MATERIALS SHOW…