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How To Build A Multiwave Oscillator
One tuning fork when struck can literally cause another of the same frequency to start “ringing” by simply being close enough to it. This is called”sympathetic vibration” A Dr, by the name of Georges Lakhovsky designed a healing device on this principle in the early to mid 1900s. He discovered that every living cell vibrated at it’s own specific “resonant frequency” and when a pathogen moved into the cell the frequency changed. By using a Multiwive Oscillator (MWO)? which was designed through help from Nicoli Tesla, he found he could add energy to the diseased cell through sympathetic vibrations and bring back its health, and cure the patient. The method was effective enough he was soon curing many “terminal” patients which modern medicine had sent home to die. At one point he even cured Pope Pius Xl in January 1937 and the pope “went back to his duties” afterward. In countries around the world (except the “rich” US) this device is still used today.
Mike from Michigan created his own version.. It emits frequencies from low to high as well as “harmonics” of each. This file shows how Mike built his MWO. It?offers?a variety of “driver” circuit options (build your own to buy and use) ?for those less electronically inclined?and shows the method he used to wind his radiator coils.? Obviously many folks consider this a “quack medical device” but many have seen advantages to its use.

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