Pallet Fueled Outdoor Wood Boiler Plans





If you require a high capacity water outdoor wood burning stove but are concerned about the cost of commercial units, you have found what you’re looking for! This unit was designed to accept 10 -13 full-size pallets and was built for about $1600. You should also budget an additional $300 – $600 for plumbing the completed unit into your existing heating system. These costs will vary, depending on your current or proposed heating system design.

DIY Boiler stove features:

A large 90 cubic ft. firebox measuring 1/4″ thick by 52 ” wide x 50″ deep x 60″ high

A 280-gallon capacity water jacket

A large, water filled, loading door

Automatic, adjustable, thermostatic control of the water jacket temperature

A blower induced, powered damper, draft control system

An adjustable door hinge system

A complete design requiring no additional housing

An open vent design, preventing the possibilities of dangerous pressures

The ability to burn any type of pallets or other wood without the worry of creosote build-up and potential chimney fire

Included in this set of plans:

A complete material list, including sources

Construction tips learned from building prototypes

Step by step construction drawings

Electrical and plumbing schematics

Startup and maintenance instructions

An extensive photo gallery of the stove construction

More than 50 pages

Please see plan excerpts, here: