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  • wood boiler plans

    Wood Boiler Plans


    DIY Homemade Wood Boiler Plans Complete Plans with Bill of Material and Supply Sources. Inexpensive plans, inexpensive to build! These are not your ordinary Wood Stove Plans but are a different twist on Build Your Own Barrel Stove Plans.  Once complete this smaller sized Wood Fired Boiler will heat a small home, garage, pool and…

  • pallet fueled wood boiler plans

    Pallet Fueled Outdoor Wood Boiler Plans


    PALLET FUELED WOOD BOILER PLANS   If you require a high capacity water outdoor wood burning stove but are concerned about the cost of commercial units, you have found what you’re looking for! This unit was designed to accept 10 -13 full-size pallets and was built for about $1600. You should also budget an additional…

  • diy hydraulic firewood processor

    Firewood Processor Plans


    FIREWOOD PROCESSOR PLANS   Build Your Own Firewood Processor Why buy a firewood processor when you can build a complete processor for about the same price? Why pay nearly $10,000 dollars for a firewood processor when you can make your own for approximately $2500? The plans offered are for building a firewood processor. This machine…

  • hay bale elevator plans, firewood conveyor plans

    Firewood Conveyor Plans


    FIREWOOD CONVEYOR PLANS   Build A Square Bale Conveyor Plans Complete Plans for building a firewood or small square bale elevator.? The plans are step by step instructions with digital photos or diagrams of each step. Easy to follow. Basic welding skills along with the use of drills and measuring tools are required. Conveyor Plans…

  • diy firewood bundler

    Firewood Bundler | Firewood Wrapper


    FIREWOOD BUNDLER | FIREWOOD WRAPPER   DIY Firewood Wrapper Make the most out of your firewood! Bundling or wrapping firewood adds value to the product and can increase the value of the wood tenfold. For Example, An 8-inch-diameter bundle of firewood 12 inches long will sell for from 3 to 9 dollars, depending on your…

  • horizontal log splitter plansdiy vertical log splitter

    DIY Log Splitter Plans


    DIY LOG SPLITTER PLANS   Medium duty trailer type firewood splitter, log splitter plans.? Can be followed to make an exact copy of the splitter shown or modified to fit your personal needs.? Plans include step by step instructions with digital photos of each step.? Easy to read, Easy to follow.? No difficult blueprints or…

  • wood fired spa heater plans

    Wood Fired Water Heater for your Spa


    WOOD FIRED SPA HEATER PLANS   Heat any Hot tub or Whirlpool spa with wood. Save 100’s of dollars on utility bills. Plans describe how to build a firebox to heat your spa with wood. Complete plans, drawings, and pictures for building a wood-fired water heater. Download Plans to Build

  • waste oil heater plans pdf

    Waste Oil Burner Stove Construction Article & Plans


    HOMEMADE WASTE OIL BURNER   This is NOT the Mother Earth News burner from the 80’s … This is NOT the multi-fuel burner from the 60’s… This is a dedicated oil burner that really works. Updated waste oil burner design with longer burns between cleanings! You are about to purchase an Ebook featuring a construction…

  • convert waste oil to diesel fuel

    Used Motor Oil Diesel


    CONVERT WASTE OIL TO DIESEL FUEL   Fuel prices keep going rising. Every time you change your oil, you need a place to dump the used oil. Why not use it for fuel? Start saving money on your weekly gas-diesel fuel bill! Convert used oil to diesel fuel and $$AVE! In this Guide, Mike from…

  • how to build a solar cooker

    Solar Cooker Plans


    SOLAR COOKER PLANS   These plans will show you in detail how to build the Best Solar Cooker, at a VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE! If you have been looking around for a Solar Grill to buy or the Best Homemade Solar Cookers to build, this is it! DIY Solar Cooker Benefits Materials can be easily found…

  • solar air heater plans

    Solar Air Heater


    DIY SOLAR AIR HEATER   Ultra Low-Cost Air Type Solar Air Heater Makeup An Innovative Idea From Renowned Technical Writer?Virgil J. Build Your Own Air Solar Panel One of the easiest inexpensive ways a homeowner can start saving money on home heating costs is with this DIY SOLAR AIR HEATER! Unique Solar Air Unit Heats…

  • homemade pellet stove

    Pellet Stove Plans


    PELLET STOVE PLANS   Pellet Stove Burner & Feeder Construction Article – Plans You will receive an eBook featuring a construction article and a few measured drawings showing you how I built a wood pellet burner with a removable burn pot and auger style pellet feeder. This article is the result of?two?years of trial and…