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  • diy vertical wind turbine

    Vertical Access Wind Turbine Plans


    Vertical Access Wind Turbine Plans PDF Build Your Own Vertical Axis Windmill These are detailed plans and material list to construct a 4ft tall x 4ft diameter wind turbine that can be used to power just about anything from water pumps to generators and air compressors. These plans are drawn in such a way that…

  • wind turbine amp enhancer plansdiy wind turbine amp enhancer chart

    Low RPM PMA Alternator


    Build A PMA Alternator – Magnetic Amperage Enhancer Low RPM Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Alternator Guide Increases Volts at Lower RPM’s for your PMA Generator – Alternator. Another great ?How I Built Mine? style guide by Mike from Michigan showing you how to rewire a permanent magnet generator and create a low RPM – PMA…

  • diy induction motor to generatorbuild a generator from electric motor

    Induction Motor as Alternator


    INDUCTION MOTOR TO GENERATOR   Induction Motor Can Be Converted To An Alternator – With No Rewinding There is very little difference between an ac electric motor and an ac power generating alternator. They both have?magnetic fields and coils of wire that react to it. This is an article by Mike from Michigan that shows…

  • Dump Load Controller


    SOLAR OR WIND ENERGY POWER DIVERTER   How To Make A Solar or Wind Diversion Load Controller This is a Guide showing you how to make a dump load controller to divert extra power to an alternate source such as a water heater or other. Mike from Michigan shows him “How I Built Mine” style…

  • diy solar volt meter guidediy volt meter wiring diagram

    DIY Solar Wind Digital Voltmeter


    HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR OR WIND VOLTMETER   SOLAR – WIND HIGH VISIBILITY CLOCK DIY Voltmeter In this guide, Mike from Michigan shows you how he made his high visibility Voltmeter so Solar or Wind systems can be easily monitored. Now follow his steps and build your own Visible Voltage Meter! Build your…

  • pma alternator generator planshomebuilt pma generator

    DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator


    BUILD YOUR OWN PMA GENERATOR   Permanent Magnet Alternator DIY This is a Guide and showing you how to make Permanent Magnet Alternator Mike from Michigan shows his “How I Built Mine” DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator to create your own power. Convert an alternator to a permanent magnet and generate power with these Permanent Magnet…

  • turbine slip rings diy

    Wind Turbine Slip Rings


    DIY WIND TURBINE SLIP RINGS   Fits 1.25″ Pipe Mast Make your own Wind Turbine Slip rings for your Homemade Wind Generator, Home Built Turbine or other DIY Turbine. Mike from Michigan has built many items from PMA?s to battery banks and more. This Homemade Slip Ring Guide will show you how to build Slip…