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  • 3 Point Hitch Lift Boom


    Homemade 3 Point Lift Boom (10 Foot Hitch Boom) Lift and load equipment on trucks Move equipment short distances Lift deer or hogs for dressing Unload trucks or trailers 10 Foot Boom Plus Many Other Uses and Possibilities! Download Plans Instantly on How To Build Your Own 3 Point Hitch Lift!

  • 12 Volt Fence Charger12 Volt Fence Charger

    12 Volt Fence Charger


    DIY 12 VOLT FENCE CHARGER Mike in Michigan was having issues with bears busting up their beehives. An electric fence didn’t always do the trick for lack of power. Boughten electric fencers generally give a 3/8″ spark and he needed one that was more. What he came up with had a good 3/4″ spark, was…

  • wood fired spa heater plans

    Wood Fired Water Heater for your Spa


    WOOD FIRED SPA HEATER PLANS   Heat any Hot tub or Whirlpool spa with wood. Save 100’s of dollars on utility bills. Plans describe how to build a firebox to heat your spa with wood. Complete plans, drawings, and pictures for building a wood-fired water heater. Download Plans to Build

  • Visible Gas Pump Plans


    VISIBLE GAS PUMP PLANS   These simple plans will guide you through the easy process of building your own Vintage Visible Gas Pump! I designed these plans to take you smoothly step by step through the building process with detailed pictures for every step of construction.. Just follow step by step and you can’t go…

  • how to build a solar cooker

    Solar Cooker Plans


    SOLAR COOKER PLANS   These plans will show you in detail how to build the Best Solar Cooker, at a VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE! If you have been looking around for a Solar Grill to buy or the Best Homemade Solar Cookers to build, this is it! DIY Solar Cooker Benefits Materials can be easily found…

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    Handyman Projects


    HANDYMAN PROJECTS Handyman Plans Special DIY Guides and information all created by Mike from Michigan.? Get all 40 of his “How I Built Mine” style guides and information all great ideas and projects for around the home and saving money$$$ NOW WITH FREE UPDATES – Purchase once and get free updates when new projects are…

  • DIY Combination Water and Space Heating System

    Cozy Space Heater Plans


    DIY COMBINATION WATER AND SPACE HEATING SYSTEM   You’ll be amazed at the simplicity, efficiency, and savings of a Cozy Heater? Most Energy Efficient Space Heater! NEARLY FREE INDOOR HEAT! The Cozy Heater? is a space heater for people who want additional heat without the nuisance and danger associated with conventional space heaters. It draws…