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  • Garden Utility Trailer Plans

    Garden Utility Trailer Plans


    GARDEN TRACTOR TRAILER PLANS   Make this utility trailer for your garden tractor.? You will have the cure for the pain caused by? those toiling, back breaking heavy chores.? This versatile trailer, constructed of common materials, fits almost any make of garden tractor.? The flexible arrangement of the interlocking slated sides, and the removable rear…

  • Garden & Yard Cart Plans

    Garden & Yard Cart Plans


    GARDEN & YARD CART PLANS   (New Lower Price !) These are DIY plans for a strong, heavy duty, two wheel cart.?? It can do anything a wheelbarrow can, only better and easier, except mixing cement due to the wood box. Even when heavily loaded, this cart requires very little effort to move around.?? It?s…

  • Fluorescent Light Repair


    FLUORESCENT LIGHT REPAIR   Fix For Stubborn Fluorescent Lights Do you have stubborn fluorescent lights in your barn garage or other that need 10 minutes of “warmup time” before they will fire? MIKE from MICHIGAN had this trouble especially in?his cold damp garage so he built a device from a childs toy (and?one larger) ?that…

  • Floating Gazebo Plans


    FLOATING GAZEBO PLANS DIY Floating Gazebo Unique floating Wooden Gazebo Plans. Build this Floating Gazebo from our Gazebo Plans I was going to build the Gazebo on the edge of my dock down by the lake but I thought ….I might just as well build the deck with floats on it and I can then…

  • Electronic Mosquito Repellent


    ELECTRONIC MOSQUITO REPELLENT   Build A Electronic Mosquito Repellent DIY Electronic Mosquito Repellent document – guide designed by Mike from Michigan to be used as a Patio or Lawn Chair Mosquiot repellent device. In the past Mike used this same electronic device in his Greenhouse to Accelerate Plant Growth. In doing so he found that…

  • Electromagnetic Water ConditionerElectromagnetic Water Conditioner

    Electromagnetic Water Conditioner


    ELECTROMAGNETIC WATER CONDITIONERS   Electromagnetic Water Conditioners are the new way to remove or eliminate calcium lime from filling your water heater and pipes.? With a simple circuit and some wire you can save yourself the $500 that these units cost new. Mike from Michigan will show you the simple circuit and means by which…

  • DIY Root Cellar Storm Shelter

    DIY Root Cellar Storm Shelter


    DIY ROOT CELLAR – STORM SHELTER   Mike from Michigan shows how he repurposed a old Agricultural Liquids tank to a Storm Shelter and cold foods storage. The storage & shelter needed to be sealed from snakes, spiders, mice and squirrels and be above ground so it would not fill with water. He also wanted…

  • DIY Pot Stirrer

    DIY Pot Stirrer


    DIY POT STIRRER   Cuts Time In Half or More! Build this handy automatic stirring device and not only reduce (condense) your sauces, ketchup and many other food stuffs but save time while you are at it! Mike from Michigan created his own handy automatic stirring – agitator device which clamps to your pot.? Spend…

  • horizontal log splitter plansdiy vertical log splitter

    DIY Log Splitter Plans


    DIY LOG SPLITTER PLANS   Medium duty trailer type firewood splitter, log splitter plans.? Can be followed to make an exact copy of the splitter shown or modified to fit your personal needs.? Plans include step by step instructions with digital photos of each step.? Easy to read, Easy to follow.? No difficult blueprints or…

  • build a voltage regulator

    DIY Generator Voltage Regulator


    DIY GENERATOR VOLTAGE REGULATOR   Generac (Simplicity-Sears-Dayton etc) Build it yourself AC Generator Voltage Regulator Circuit DPE Brush Field Type In this Guide, Mike from Michigan shows how he built a Voltage Regulator to fix his Old AC Generator.? Follow his guide on how to repair your old generator and save money by using salvaged…

  • DIY Electronic Garden Pest Control

    DIY Electronic Garden Pest Control


    DIY ELECTRONIC GARDEN PEST CONTROL   Electrostatic Garden Pest Deterent Mike from Michigan shows ?How I Built Mine? Electronic Garden Pest Repeller! A natural Pest Control for your garden. No chemicals! Green DIY Pest Control! While experimenting with electricity to increase plant growth Mike noticed he no longer had issues with Rabbits or Woodchucks chewing…

  • DIY Driveway Groomer

    DIY Driveway Groomer


    DIY DRIVEWAY GROOMER   BUILD A DRIVEWAY DRAG Homemade Driveway Groomer Mike from Michigan built this sweet little driveway drag. It uses truck frame channel (may use other channel) for grader blades . It is adjustable for grade height and has dump feature for cleaning or filling big holes Shown being pulled by a 12hp…