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Pellet Stove Burner & Feeder Construction Article – Plans

You will receive an eBook featuring a construction article and a few measured drawings showing you how I built a wood pellet burner with a removable burn pot and auger style pellet feeder. This article is the result of?two?years of trial and error in the building and running of this setup.

Included in this 55 page, the information-packed document is parts descriptions, parts suppliers and a tools list, including how to run it and use it. It can also be adapted to heat water for multiple purposes in the included section about how to construct a flame tube heat exchanger. You can install this burner/feeder setup in a discarded hot water heater or a 30 or 55-gallon drum. You won’t be disappointed as you follow a unit under step by step construction with actual photos showing the relationship of how the burner goes together and how to build the auger feeder. If you have a wire or MIG welder and some simple cutting tools, you can construct this entire stove set up in a weekend or two. Your imagination in where it gets used is the only limit.

Perfect for the cabin or your shop where you don’t use a ton of firewood. Install one in your old pot-bellied stove.

So, if you don?t want to pay the big bucks for a pellet stove, and want to take advantage of the inexpensive pellets available today, and are tired of cutting the tree, cutting the logs, splitting the logs, carrying the wood, stacking the wood, filling the stove and taking out the ashes… this burner is for you.
Adaptable for use with a smoker!


DIY Pellet Stove Ebook
The product is delivered in PDF format via email.

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