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  • Vintage Homemade Welder Plans


    HOMEMADE WELDER PLANS   INSTANT DOWNLOAD! SMALL ENOUGH to be hidden beneath the hood of a passenger car, yet powerful enough to handle electrodes up to3/16- in. dia., this 200-amp.arc welder is powered by the engine of the car in which it is installed, and can be taken anywhere that an automobile can be driven.

  • Vintage Crucible Furnace Plans


    Making a furnace powered by gas in your own backyard!   WITH THIS SMALL FURNACE you can melt down aluminum, brass, and copper; preheat small, thick pieces of iron and steel for brazing or forging; caseharden soft steel; make-up alloys and bake vitreous enamels on metals. You can use either LP or city gas. The…

  • Vintage Bandsaw Plans


    HOMEMADE BANDSAW   Build your own bandsaw with pipe fittings and used car parts. These vintage plans show you everything you need to build your own tabletop bandsaw! You could probably scrounge up most of these parts for free. Complete bandsaw could be built for next to nothing depending on how resourceful you are. Why…

  • Vintage Backyard Train Plans


    BACKYARD TRAIN PLANS   Children’s Train Build this running train in your own backyard! PDF files, 5 pages if printed. Get these hard to find rare vintage Railroading plans now! Instant download to your computer! No waiting! DIY Backyard Train

  • Air Compressor Plans Made From Old Time Magneto


    AIR COMPRESSOR PLANS MADE FROM OLD TIME MAGNETO   Although not common today, magneto’s were very common and well build in the early part of the last century.? In as much as some are still available at a fair price, this plan set shows how to use the parts of the magneto, and other “junk”…

  • 1901 Vintage Mini Truck Plans


    1901 VINTAGE MINI TRUCK PLANS   Build Your Own Mini Truck! Very Cool Vintage Plans for this awesome Little truck! PDF downloads right to your computer! You can zoom in and out and re-print these! If you don’t have have a PDF reader, you can get a FREE one at the Adobe Reader website! THE…

  • 1901 Half Sized Packard Car Plans


    1901 HALF SIZED PACKARD CAR PLANS = FUN!   Instant? Download! PDF files! You can zoom in and out and reprint these for the shop! “Under the tonneau (that’s the rear-deck lid, son) there’s a modern two-hp gasoline engine with chain drive direct to the axle. Speeds up to 15 mph are possible. Designed to…

  • 18 Vintage Go Cart, Scooter Plans and more


    18 VINTAGE GO CART PLANS, SCOOTER PLANS ATV PLANS & MORE!   Click on the photo above to SEE Pictures of ALL 18 If you are looking to build a Scooter, Mini Bike, Go Cart or unique Fat Tire 3 wheeler, or even a Golf Cart these Vintage plans are a good starting off point…

  • Vintage Wood Gasifier Plans


    FEMA WOOD GASIFIER PLANS!   Run Your Car On Wood! Instant Download! Only 3.99 ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? Official Fema plans to build your very own wood gasifier! Run your car using wood as fuel! Green energy and alternative fuel sources help the environment and your wallet! Instant downloadable PdF files!…