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  • Vintage Rubber Band Car Plans


    VINTAGE RUBBER BAND CAR PLANS Build A Children’s Rubber Band Powered Car Here are 2 different vehicles for young children.? Sidewalk cars each powered by rubber band motors.? Any youngster (and some oldsters) would love these cars.? With the capability of traveling under their own power for up to 3 miles (5 kilometers), or more,…

  • Oldtime Wind Driven Generator Plans


    OLD TIME WIND-DRIVEN GENERATOR PLANS Although The plan and idea are from the 1920’s, it is still relevant today.? With a little parts updating, you can use this concept to charge batteries for devices both large and small, without using the grid. This highly detailed plan explains it all, giving you a glimpse of how…

  • Vintage Mini Bike Plans


    Tom Thumb Mini Bike Plans! Vintage Plans! ONLY 3.99 Small Enough to fit in a locker! Though it will never be challenged by it’s bigger more powerfully produced cousins, this shop-built micro mini bike will get you where you want to go for peanuts? Putting along??powered by its 3/4-hp?power plant The rig hits a racy…

  • Metal Lathe Plans


    Homemade Metal Lathe The MetalTurning Lathe is built from stock parts, bolt together design and can be built with only a few tools. This would not be a precision type of metal lathe but can do practical jobs within certain limits. Build this mini metal lathe and start practicing your skills and making your homemade…

  • Lionel Trains Catalog


    LIONEL TRAINS CATALOG?Year 1958 027, Super 0,HO Complete Color Catalog PDF Files. Clear Color Pictures. Download now to your computer. Only 4.99

  • Vintage Gas Scooter Plans


    VINTAGE GAS SCOOTER PLANS   Instant Download Only 3.99 Plans are complete vintage plans with step by step instructions to build your own Gas Scooter! Files are easy to read and you can zoom in on them and even print out what you need for your garage or shop! 7 pages if printed. Complete plans…

  • Vintage Snowmobile Plans


    SNOWMOBILE PLANS   INSTANT DOWNLOAD OUR WINTERS of hard use around International Falls, Minn., and also in neighboring Canada have proved the Merrymaker snowmobile to be a practical, rugged vehicle ideal for cold climates. The thrust of a propeller driven by a Continental aircraft engine drives the vehicle over snow and ice and, when it…

  • How To Build A Mini Bike


    HOW TO BUILD A MINI BIKE   Build A Mini Bike From Salvaged Materials A little scooter with two speeds, “full floating ride,” and combined sliding clutch and brake.? With the design set for 1/2 horse motor, it is easily handled by younger kids, yet despite its size, it’s great for adults too. The complete…

  • vintage gas scooter plans

    Vintage Scooter Plans


    DIY Vintage Gas Scooter Plans   Go to market, beach or visit friends on one of these babies and forget your gas worries. You can cover 100 miles or better on one gallon of precious fuel. INSTANT DOWNLOAD

  • How to Build a Fat Tire Motorcycle


    WIDE TIRE MOTORCYCLE PLANS   Its low speed and rugged construction are ideal for wilderness travel? and those fat tires assure a smooth ride with sure-footed traction even on rough, trackless terrain INSTANT DOWNLOAD

  • Hovercraft Plans


    HOVERCRAFT PLANS   Here’s a one person standup style hovercraft from the 1960’s and 1970″s.? Advertised perennially in the classified section of such publications as Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and Mechanix Illustrated. This Flying Saucer Hovercraft Plan is a simple Blueprint style drawing, with full written instructions, dimensions, and Materials list within the diagram. This…

  • Vintage Houseboat Plans


    DIY Houseboat Plans   These Small Houseboat Plans – (21 Feet) are a great starting off point.? They may be vintage Houseboat Plans but would be fairly easy to build, and interior layout can be adjusted to suit your needs. Vintage Houseboat Plans that stand the test of time. Save Money and Build Your Own…