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  • Vintage Homemade Trailer Plans


    HOMEMADE WOODEN UTILITY TRAILER PLANS   Very Simple Wooden DIY Trailer Plans Build your own Wooden Utility Trailer! If you are looking for an inexpensive utility trailer to not only haul materials around but also to double as a Homemade Boat Trailer, then these simple plans will do just that! If you have an aluminum…

  • Vintage Homemade Cement Mixer


    VINTAGE HOMEMADE CEMENT MIXER Simple plans on how to build a cement mixer can be built for next to nothing from scrounged materials and motors. Constructed with a light welder, electric drill and hacksaw are all the tools you’ll need. Save Money and Build Your Own Drum Mixer Drum Mixer Details: ? 10-gal. drum ?…

  • Gold Drywasher Plans


    GOLD DRYWASHER PLANS “Get The Gold!” Vintage Gas powered Drywasher Plans! Instant Download PDF files! “Strike it rich in half the time with this vibrating rig which lets you sift for gold far from streams, where “claim jumpers” are a rarity” Homemade Gold Drywasher Plans Instant Download Straight To Your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet With…

  • Vintage Go kart Plans


    GO KART PLANS Vintage Plans Highway Kart Instant Download ONLY 2.99! Step by step instructions to make your own Go Kart! With these plans, you can view them on your computer and zoom in and out or even reprint them to take to your shop or garage! Get these plans now and get yourself going…

  • Vintage Gas Powered Bike Plans


    POWER BIKE PLANS   Instant Download Only 2.99! GASOLINE-powered engines have been?popular with bicycle?enthusiasts ever since such engines were made small enough to fit a?bicycle frame. The power bike described here is belt-driven. It will go up to 35 m.p.h. on level?stretches. It is definitely not a toy that can be hammered or wired together…

  • Float Boat Plans


    FLOAT BOAT PLANS Summer Fun! Simple 2 Page Plans! Now Only 3.99 Fast PDF Download, Reprintable!

  • Electric Scooter Plans


    ELECTRIC SCOOTER PLANS   What was originally designed as a child’s toy – electric minibike – turned out to be a practical and novel transportation vehicle.? With the current trend to electric scooters and mopeds, this ride is very timely. With little modification to the basic plan, the scooter can be redesigned to fit larger…

  • Vintage Die Filing Machine Plans


    DIE FILLING MACHINE PLANS   Filing Machine Plans Specifications: Filing Machine Plans for small parts. Die Filing Machine Plans for Truing and squaring. Uses a 1/4 H.P. 1750 R.P.M. motor. Also makes a speedy jigsaw for cutting out all kinds of items for projects & hobbies. Filing Machine Plans, inside or outside die filing! Also,…

  • vintage concrete block machine plans

    Concrete Block Machine Plans


    DIY CONCRETE BLOCK MAKER   Concrete Block Machine Plans To Build Your Own Concrete Block Machine! Make Concrete Blocks With Your Own Concrete Block Making Business   Make 800 Concrete Blocks Per Day Used parts and materials could be sourced locally to lower construction Make 100 Concrete Blocks Per Hour With Your Own Concrete Block…

  • Vintage Cigar Labels


    Cigar Label Images! 85 Classic Cigar Images in all! Straight to your email! 300 DPI Jpeg Images! Nice high-quality images! Please see examples! You can reprint these and use them for your projects! Get them now and get them fast! Cigar Label Art INSTANT DOWNLOAD

  • Vintage Chop Saw Plans


    Abrasive Cut Off Saw Plans!   DIY Chop Saw Plans! Two different versions of Metal Abrasive Saw Plans – Chop Saw Plans Included in the download!. Great addition to your workshop equipment. Cut through steel in no time at all in comparison to a hacksaw. Lightweight, portable abrasive cut off saw plans with very little…

  • Vintage Six Wheel ATV Plans


    6 WHEEL ATV PLANS   INSTANT DOWNLOAD SPECIALIZED vehicles can be a ball but all of them bring to mind one immediate drawback?cost. For something you may not use too often, justifying the expense could prevent you’re having a lot of fun. The MI Marauder licks this cost problem and adds safety features not found…