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  • Hydraulic Outriggers


    HYDRAULIC OUTRIGGERS   Build your own Hydraulic Outriggers – Heavy Duty Boom Truck Outriggers. Complete plans show you everything you need to build your own Hydraulic Stabilizers – Outriggers. Hydraulic Outriggers Model 511 Outriggers Click On Image above to see pictures and Outrigger Drawings Model 511 Hydraulic Outrigger Specifications 5″ Bore – 10″ Stroke Hydraulic…

  • Handle Bending Tool – Concrete Lift Anchor


    PRECAST CONCRETE LIFT ANCHOR   Make your own precast concrete lifting anchors with this simple Precast Concrete Anchor Tool, Rebar Bending Tool. Easily bend rebar into the shape of a concrete hook, concrete anchor and produce your own Concrete Anchors. Precast Concrete Lift Anchor ******MAKE YOUR OWN****** Handle Bending Tool Concrete Rebar Lift Anchors Rebar…

  • mobile gantry crane plansdiy gantry crane plans

    Gantry Crane Plans


    Gantry Crane Plans 2 Ton mobile gantry crane plans are great for garage shop or business use.  Easily fabricate this Gantry Crane yourself and save money while doing so. Ideal for lifting heavy objects from your truck bed or trailer. Remove truck & car engines with ease, no more hassle as the gantry crane gives…

  • Flat Bar Ring Roller Plans

    Flat Bar Roller Plans


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  • DIY Pickup Truck Hoist


    DIY PICKUP TRUCK HOIST   DIY Plans to build your own?3000 lb. Electric Pickup Truck Hoist – Pickup Truck Mounted Cranes. Build and use this 3,000 lb electric truck hoist for your 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton pickup truck. This handy unit will lift all of your heavy projects into the back of your pickup…

  • DIY Hydraulic Rebar Cutter


    DIY HYDRAULIC REBAR CUTTER   Build Your Own Hydraulic Rebar Cutter From Our Professionally Designed Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Plans Speed up your Rebar Cutting With this automatic Rebar Cutter ******MAKE YOUR OWN****** Hydraulic Rebar Cutter EASY TO FOLLOW DETAILED Rebar Cutter Plans ??WHAT ARE IN THE PLANS? COMPLETE BILL OF MATERIALS BILL OF MATERIALS SHOW…

  • DIY Concrete Boom Trucks


    DIY CONCRETE BOOM TRUCKS   Don’t buy Used Boom Trucks when you can have a brand new 14,000 lb Boom Truck Loader built by you or your local fabricator from our professionally designed plans! If you are looking for Used Boom Trucks or Boom Trucks for sale, save time and money by building your own,…

  • Disc Sander Plans


    DISC SANDER PLANS   Disc Sander Plans, Motorized ~ Wall Mounted or Free Standing David from Franklin, New Hampshire has been a long time metal crafter and now offers his very thorough Stationary Disc Sander Plans. There?s nothing I like better than working in my shop making stuff out of metal.? My pet peeve is…

  • alternatie welder plans

    Alternator Welder Plans


    Alternator Welder Plans Homemade Welder From Truck Alternator This is a DIY Home Made Welder Guide by Mike From Michigan who lives off the grid and has many money-saving DIY Plans and Guides. He shows you how to build your own welder from a DELCO 34SI Truck Alternator. This Home Made Welder can be used…

  • Bridge Crane Plans


    5 Ton Overhead Shop Crane Plans If you are looking for a top running bridge crane consider building your own 5 Ton, Bridge Crane. Professionally designed Bridge Crane Plans show you everything you need to build your own overhead crane including purchased parts suppliers. DIY Overhead Shop Crane Specifications • General Layout Bridge Crane Assembly…

  • 8×16 Car Trailer Plans


    DIY Wood Deck Car Trailer Plans   16 FOOT CAR TRAILER PLANS Thorough and complete Car Hauler Plans show you how to build yourself and SAVE MONEY!? Find Salvaged Parts, steel and more, then build this trailer and save!? These plans cover everything you need to build your own car hauler including Brakes, DOT Laws,…