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  • Moonshine Shack DXF CNC Plasma File


    MOONSHINE SHACK DXF CNC PLASMA FILE   Vntage Moonshine Shack DXF CNC Plasma Art for creating Plasma Cut Moonshine Shack Sign Designed to cut out at 16 inches high Instant download

  • Magic Wine Bottle Holder Plans


    DIY Magic Wine Bottle Holder   Pretty bottle holder realized with wood. Probably you have seen it on the internet but do you know the exact measure to keep the bottle in balance? Simple Magic Bottle Holder Plan Shows you exactly how to keep your bottle in balance! Floating Bottle Holder is great for gifts…

  • wind turbine amp enhancer plansdiy wind turbine amp enhancer chart

    Low RPM PMA Alternator


    Build A PMA Alternator – Magnetic Amperage Enhancer Low RPM Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Alternator Guide Increases Volts at Lower RPM’s for your PMA Generator – Alternator. Another great ?How I Built Mine? style guide by Mike from Michigan showing you how to rewire a permanent magnet generator and create a low RPM – PMA…

  • Vintage Gas Scooter Plans


    VINTAGE GAS SCOOTER PLANS   Instant Download Only 3.99 Plans are complete vintage plans with step by step instructions to build your own Gas Scooter! Files are easy to read and you can zoom in on them and even print out what you need for your garage or shop! 7 pages if printed. Complete plans…

  • How To Build A Mini Bike


    HOW TO BUILD A MINI BIKE   Build A Mini Bike From Salvaged Materials A little scooter with two speeds, “full floating ride,” and combined sliding clutch and brake.? With the design set for 1/2 horse motor, it is easily handled by younger kids, yet despite its size, it’s great for adults too. The complete…

  • vintage gas scooter plans

    Vintage Scooter Plans


    DIY Vintage Gas Scooter Plans   Go to market, beach or visit friends on one of these babies and forget your gas worries. You can cover 100 miles or better on one gallon of precious fuel. INSTANT DOWNLOAD

  • Homemade Water Ionizer

    Homemade Water Ionizer


    HOMEMADE WATER IONIZER ALKALINE WATER GENERATOR Water Ionizer Machine Alkaline water is claimed to have health benefits? as is acid water good to be used for fruit/vegetable wash and open wound cleanse. Water ionizers generally?are pricey items. Mike from Michigan shows you how he built his own water ionizer from inexpensive parts and how he…

  • Vintage Homemade Trailer Plans


    HOMEMADE WOODEN UTILITY TRAILER PLANS   Very Simple Wooden DIY Trailer Plans Build your own Wooden Utility Trailer! If you are looking for an inexpensive utility trailer to not only haul materials around but also to double as a Homemade Boat Trailer, then these simple plans will do just that! If you have an aluminum…

  • Home, Deck and Garden Projects

    Home, Deck and Garden Projects


    DIY HOUSE, DECK AND GARDEN PROJECTS DIY Plans To Build All 15 Home Projects! I have been working on this book for over 20 years. It is a collection of home improvement projects that I have personally built and wrote myself because I wanted the improvement for my home and family and did not or…

  • Hexagon Concrete Planter Mold


    HEXAGON CONCRETE PLANTER MOLD PLANS   Cement Planter Mold Plans – How to Make Concrete Planters DETAILED CONCRETE PLANTER MOLD METAL FABRICATIONPLANS Build Cement Planter Mold Plans. Build or have it built for you, Cement Planter Mold Plans. Download Plans, Build SAVE!! Hexagon Planter Form 18″ Across the Flats 24″ High 3″ tick walls Download…

  • Generator & Motor Rewinding

    Generator & Motor Rewinding


    DIY AC GENERATOR & MOTOR REWINDING   Lightning damage and a huge repair bill for your standby power generator?? Electric motors and ac generators are basically the same and the same skills and materials can be used to rewind both.?Mike from Michigan?shows a lightning damaged stator being rewound with new coils. It covers removing the…

  • Game Table Plans


    TRIPLE TOP GAME TABLE PLANS   Here’s a project for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.? The Triple Top Fun Table is a great build to give you lots of fun and use in a limited space, and it gives the family lots to do together. 3 in 1 Game Table…