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  • wooden desk plans

    Wood Desk Plans


    Simple Reading Desk Plans This easy Reading Desk can be built with plywood or with other fine wood. Paint it with the color you prefer. It is very easy to construct. Desktop Dimensions – 32″ Deep x 59″ Wide x 29.75 Tall In the project, you will find all the measurements in inches. All quantities…

  • wireless generator throttle remote plans

    Wireless Remote Generator Throttle Plans


    How to Build a Wireless Remote Generator Throttle Some generators come with a load sensing throttle, but some don’t. If you have one that doesn’t, or if you are like Mike from Michigan and built your own generator you really need to build your own. Mike built a sawmill and it is nice to idle down…

  • Watch The Sun Dxf Plasma Cut File


    WATCH THE SUN DXF PLASMA CUT FILE   This is a DXF format CAD drawing for use with a CNC Plasma, Laser, Mill or router. This DXF file is for professional & personal use, however, this file may not be resold. DXF is a file extension for a graphic image format typically used with AutoCAD…

  • Vintage Drill Press Plans


    DRILL PRESS TABLE PLANS In your home shop, you will often find your hand drill to be lacking in the ability to get the job done right.? Constructed almost entirely of pipe fittings, this vintage drill press is very strong, rigid, neat and quiet.? It will become a handy, additional tool in you project arsenal….

  • Vintage Tom Thumb Folding Mini Bike Plans


    VINTAGE TOM THUMB FOLDING MINI BIKE PLANS Tom Thumb, the scooter that hitches a ride.? Tom Thumb mini scooter folds up and, at 77 lbs when built, is designed to hold a 225 lb. person.? The front wheel drive folding design can fit in small tight spaces. If you ever wished for a motorbike you…

  • Standard Picnic Table Plan


    DIY Picnic Table Plans We believe that these “Standard Picnic Table Plans” are the best out there.? “Standard” can be misleading, however.? This plan will allow you to build?the most?beautiful, longest lasting table at 5′ wide by 8′ long (or less). 1) Unlike most plans which use flimsy 2″ x 4″ material,?we have designed the…

  • Sofa Plans


    Sofa Building Plans Step by step instructions on how to build a sofa. Feature: This sofa is designed to be practical, easy to make, economical, great-looking and sturdy. It uses dimensional lumber and hardware available in any local home center. The frame of this sofa is simple, with straight clean lines. Details and dimensions for…

  • S10 Snow Plow Blueprints, Snow Plow Mount Plans

    S10 Snow Plow Blueprints, Snow Plow Mount Plans


    SNOWPLOW SNOW PLOW MOUNT PLANS   Homemade Snow Plow Mount BLUEPRINTS S10 / S-10 BLAZER PICKUP If you have found yourself a snowplow, and want to fit it up to your S10 for winter,? here is what you need! Set of blue prints for a snow plow mount that will fit on an S10 pickup…

  • Vintage Rubber Band Car Plans


    VINTAGE RUBBER BAND CAR PLANS Build A Children’s Rubber Band Powered Car Here are 2 different vehicles for young children.? Sidewalk cars each powered by rubber band motors.? Any youngster (and some oldsters) would love these cars.? With the capability of traveling under their own power for up to 3 miles (5 kilometers), or more,…

  • Rejuvenating Lead Acid Batteries

    Rejuvenating Lead Acid Batteries


    SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY REJUVENATION   This inexpensive guide by Mike from Michigan will show you how to correctly Rejuvenate Lead Acid Batteries. SAVE money by recondtioning those Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for all of your toys, wheelchairs and more. Sealed lead acid batteries are used on many items, like power wheel chairs, kids barbie…

  • Precast Concrete Bike Stand Mold


    Concrete Bike Stand Mold Plans Concrete Bike Stand Form Multiple (6 Bicycles) Complete Metal Fabriction Drawings Build Concrete Bike Stand Form Plans. Build or have it built for you Metal Fabrication for Precast Concrete Molds Download Plans, Build SAVE!! Concrete Bike Stand Molds Concrete Bike Stand Mold Specifications: 31″ Wide 66″ Long 6″ Thick Six…

  • Planter Bench Plans


    Planter Bench Plans Very simple to build Planter Bench for your deck or patio. Make from common dimension lumber and your miter saw. INSTANT DOWNLOAD Build a Planter Bench Today!