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  • Restoring Nicad Batteries


    RESTORING NICAD BATTERIES     How To Restore Nicad Batteries This is a proven Guide and artcle showing you how to make a simple machine on How To Restore Nicad Batteries. Mike from Michigan shows his “How I Built Mine” style guide on How To Repair Nicad Batteries and SAVE MONEY$$$ He has done it…

  • Predator Control

    Predator Control


    DIY PREDATOR DETERRENT   This guide will show you how Mike from Michigan discovered to keep predators and unwanted wild animals out by building a simple circuit and showing you how to use it around your house to deter unwanted wild predators and animals away. Animal Deterrent Guide Deter Deer Repel Coyotes Fox Deterrent AND…

  • Mini Log Skidder


    MINI LOG SKIDDER   A tow behind, multiple log skidder designed to be built and used by the homeowner with beginner to advanced metal fabrication skills. I’ve bought mail order plans since I was eleven or twelve. First from magazine advertisements and later from the WEB. Most of the early sets looked as though the…

  • Lionel Trains Catalog


    LIONEL TRAINS CATALOG?Year 1958 027, Super 0,HO Complete Color Catalog PDF Files. Clear Color Pictures. Download now to your computer. Only 4.99

  • How To Make EMF Free Safe Electric Blanket


    HOW TO MAKE EMF FREE SAFE ELECTRIC BLANKET   Guide on How To Convert A Electric Blanket To EMF FREE In 1990, the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study on the use of electric blankets which?demonstrated “a quadrupling in the risk of brain tumors amongst children whose mothers used an electric blanket in the…

  • Homemade Sensitive Listening Device


    HOMEMADE SENSITIVE LISTENING DEVICE   This is a file that tells how Mike from Michigan built his very sensitive listening device . Can you find a listening device in the picture??? Look closer –There is a clue in the second picture . Once built this listening device was able to hear a low whisper at…

  • Home Mini Bar Plans


    BUILD YOUR OWN MINI BAR   A one of a kind bar that, opened or closed, is a beauty.? It’s a bar your friends will admire, especially when the BARS OPEN! The plan is a straightforward plywood/laminate construction, to house a sink, and mini fridge, as well as storage for glasses and drink fixings.? With…

  • Headlight Moisture Dryer Plans


    HEADLIGHT MOISTURE DRYER PLANS   Having moisture in a headlight is expensive to fix. Headlights from the dealer?often cost $250 – $350 plus installation costs. Mike from Michigan decided to build a system when his wife’s car had this trouble. This system costs less than $15 in materials, and took 15 minutes to instal. This…

  • Hamilton Watch Repair Manual


    HAMILTON WATCH REPAIR MANUAL Year 1959, 58 Pages. Manual Title: ” Service and Repair of The Hamilton Electric Watch.” Get this awesome repair manual for the World’s First Electric Watch! Includes clear and concise diagrams for complete fixing of your Hamilton Watch! Get your helpful manual Now! Instant download to your computer! PDF files so…

  • Garden Utility Trailer Plans

    Garden Utility Trailer Plans


    GARDEN TRACTOR TRAILER PLANS   Make this utility trailer for your garden tractor.? You will have the cure for the pain caused by? those toiling, back breaking heavy chores.? This versatile trailer, constructed of common materials, fits almost any make of garden tractor.? The flexible arrangement of the interlocking slated sides, and the removable rear…

  • Fluorescent Light Repair


    FLUORESCENT LIGHT REPAIR   Fix For Stubborn Fluorescent Lights Do you have stubborn fluorescent lights in your barn garage or other that need 10 minutes of “warmup time” before they will fire? MIKE from MICHIGAN had this trouble especially in?his cold damp garage so he built a device from a childs toy (and?one larger) ?that…

  • Family Feud Game Controller


    FAMILY FEUD GAME CONTROLLER     DIY Family Feud Game Controller Schematic and Guide. Create your own Family Feud Game! Each player gets a handle grip. After the question is asked and whoever hits the button first, it disconnects the power from the Opponents Handle Grip and ?Their? light shows they were first. This is…