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  • Vintage Cigar Labels


    Cigar Label Images! 85 Classic Cigar Images in all! Straight to your email! 300 DPI Jpeg Images! Nice high-quality images! Please see examples! You can reprint these and use them for your projects! Get them now and get them fast! Cigar Label Art INSTANT DOWNLOAD

  • Chicken Coop Plans


    Chicken Coops and Runs DIY Chicken Coops Plans? Chicken Pen Plans OVER 20 CHICKEN PRODUCTION PLANS! Poultry Plans – Poultry Production Plans ALL 20 Poultry Production Plans are included for $9.95 Farming Plans for producing and raising poultry. INSTANT DOWNLOAD Poultry Production Plans, 20 Poultry Plans for raising poultry, Chick Feeder Plans, Chick Brooder Plans…

  • Cell Phone Desiccator Plans


    CELL PHONE DESICCATOR PLANS Make a Vacuum Desiccator – How To Dry Out Cell Phones Drop a cell phone in a water puddle, sink full of dish water or even the toilet! Days later if it dries out, it still won’t work correctly. This is because even though you dried the water out of it,…

  • Catch Wrestling Manual


    Catch Wrestling Catch As Catch Can Style How To. Learn the lost art of catch wrestling standing style. Comprehensive and fully illustrated! Rare Lessons! Only 4.99

  • Catch Wrestling Lessons


    CATCH WRESTLING LESSONS Catch Wrestling All In Fully Illustrated with pictures and drawings! Learn these secret and rare techniques now! Cumberland and Westmoreland styles and more. Very good instructions and origins of these catch wrestling moves. Now Only 3.99

  • Cabinet Plans


    HOW TO BUILD CABINETS   Modern cabinet making in a traditional face frame design.? Whether your project is a tool cabinet, entertainment unit, or kitchen cabinet, one of the cornerstones to woodworking is building a cabinet.? The skills and techniques are the same for each and are transferable to most other projects you will ever…

  • Build Negative Ion Generator


    BUILD NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR     DIY Ozone Negative Ion Generator Guide Mike from Michigan shows ?how I built mine? Negative Ion Generator.? Ozone and Negative Ions seek out and kill Mold and Mildew! This DIY Guide will show you the High Voltage Negative Ion Generator Machine makes HUGE amounts of Ozone and Negative Ions….

  • Build A Smoker Grill

    Build A Smoker Grill


    BUILD YOUR OWN HOMEMADE SMOKER   You Too Can Smoke Your Own Food This 56-page e-book comes complete with imperial and metric scale drawings together with easy to follow work instructions for you to build your own smoker. With photographs at every stage, tips, and techniques and a full bill of materials, this project is…

  • Battery Tender Plans for NiCD NiMH Lithium

    Battery Tender Plans for NiCD NiMH Lithium


    Homemade Battery Charger for NiCD NiMH Lithium Unless you use your cordless tool batteries, every day, they sit and when you do need them they often don’t have a full charge from self-discharge. Fast chargers are quick, however, they reduce the charge/discharge life cycle number from gassing which can’t be reabsorbed as quickly as the…

  • Barrel Style Compost Tumbler Plans

    Barrel Style Compost Tumbler Plans


    DIY Compost Bin Tumbler Make your own Barrel style Compost Tumbler. This is a low cost, easy project that can be completed in just a few hours. The tumbler can be made from any barrel that has a locking removable top. The plans completely describe how to equip the inside of the barrel with an…

  • 500 Gallon Concrete Containment Form


    500 GALLON CONCRETE CONTAINMENT FORM PLANS   Concrete Containment Form Metal Fabrication Drawings Build Your Own Concrete Containment Forms, or have them built for you! 500 GALLON CONTAINMENT FORM SPECIFICATIONS: Air Release – Swing Out Wall One Piece Cast – With or Without Drain Turning Bar & Handling Devices Included Meets EPA Requirements For 125%…

  • raised garden bed plans pdf

    4′ x 4′ x 3′ Raised Garden Bed Plans


    Raised Garden Bed Plans PDF 4’W x 4’L x 3’H Detailed plans to build PDF electronic copy GroBest Gardens brand by Schultek This economical product provides over 14.7 square feet of soil area for a total material & paint cost of approximately $135. It is great for any gardener who prefers to garden at waist-level or has…