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  • DIY Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance Guide

    DIY AC Repair


    DIY AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR & MAINTENANCE GUIDE   Air Conditioner Repair & Maintence Ebook showing you how to service home AC systems (R-22 refrigerant-type, mainly) About this DIY AC book: If you intend to become a AC service tech this book alone, will not get you there. If you want to tune up your central…

  • Diesel Engine Sleeve Cylinder Puller


    DIESEL ENGINE SLEEVE CYLINDER PULLER   Perkins Diesel Engine Sleeve Cylinder Puller Massey Ferguson This manual shows how to fabricate a sleeve puller for an AD3-152, ADG3-152 & AD4-203 Perkins engines. It is made from scrap materials and works quite well. I built this puller when I overhauled my Massey Ferguson. Worked great and now…

  • Cell Phone Desiccator Plans


    CELL PHONE DESICCATOR PLANS Make a Vacuum Desiccator – How To Dry Out Cell Phones Drop a cell phone in a water puddle, sink full of dish water or even the toilet! Days later if it dries out, it still won’t work correctly. This is because even though you dried the water out of it,…

  • Can Crusher Plans


    CAN CRUSHER PLANS   Mechanical Can Crusher Plans Complete DIY Can Crusher Plans will enable you to build your own Aluminum Can Crusher & Tin Can Crusher or Metal Soup Can Crusher. CHUCK YOUR POWER DRILL UP TO THE SHAFT & turn this into a powered can crusher! Easily Crush & Recycle All of Your…

  • Build Negative Ion Generator


    BUILD NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR     DIY Ozone Negative Ion Generator Guide Mike from Michigan shows ?how I built mine? Negative Ion Generator.? Ozone and Negative Ions seek out and kill Mold and Mildew! This DIY Guide will show you the High Voltage Negative Ion Generator Machine makes HUGE amounts of Ozone and Negative Ions….

  • Build a Mower style Line Trimmer

    Build a Mower style Line Trimmer


    Homemade Grass Trimmer Make your own Lawn-Mower Style grass trimmer. Heavy-duty weed and grass line trimmer plans. The lawnmower style design makes it much easier to mow large areas of high weeds and grass with more power and a larger cutting area than the handheld trimmer style. Complete DIY plans, drawings, and pictures for building your…

  • Best Dill Pickle Recipe


    BEST DILL PICKLE RECIPE   Best Dill Pickle Recipe WHISKEY BARREL PICKLES This is quite simply the best dill pickle recipe you will ever have! Mike from Michigan shares his family kept secret recipe, called Whiskey Barrel Pickles. As a child he remembers people coming from miles to get his Dad?s Pickles. They are not…

  • Battery Tender Plans for NiCD NiMH Lithium

    Battery Tender Plans for NiCD NiMH Lithium


    Homemade Battery Charger for NiCD NiMH Lithium Unless you use your cordless tool batteries, every day, they sit and when you do need them they often don’t have a full charge from self-discharge. Fast chargers are quick, however, they reduce the charge/discharge life cycle number from gassing which can’t be reabsorbed as quickly as the…

  • Barrel Style Compost Tumbler Plans

    Barrel Style Compost Tumbler Plans


    DIY Compost Bin Tumbler Make your own Barrel style Compost Tumbler. This is a low cost, easy project that can be completed in just a few hours. The tumbler can be made from any barrel that has a locking removable top. The plans completely describe how to equip the inside of the barrel with an…

  • atv log arch plans

    ATV Log Arch Plans


    ATV Log Arch Plans Make your own logging arch. Simple construction. Only Basic Tools Required: Cut-off Saw, Welder, Drill Finished weight of machine = Approx. 120 lbs (depends largely on tire/rim size chosen) Log Sizes up to 30 inches in diameter Construction time = approx. 10 hours Plans contain = 32 digital photographs, 3 diagrams,…

  • alternatie welder plans

    Alternator Welder Plans


    Alternator Welder Plans Homemade Welder From Truck Alternator This is a DIY Home Made Welder Guide by Mike From Michigan who lives off the grid and has many money-saving DIY Plans and Guides. He shows you how to build your own welder from a DELCO 34SI Truck Alternator. This Home Made Welder can be used…

  • Air Conditioning Vacuum Pump Plans


    Homemade Vacuum Pump For Air Conditioner Vacuum Pump Built from scrap parts Homemade Vacuum Pump Another great item built from scrapyard parts or from items on the curbside so that you can keep the money in your own pocket and not give it to the next guy. Have you ever thought about doing the work…