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  • Build Your Own ATV


    ATV PLANS   These plans show you how to build your own ATV Frame and is ideal for recycling an old motorcycle – ATV as many parts may be reused, resourced from the “donor”- Engine, brakes sprockets, fuel tank etc. DIY Plans Details: ? Details and dimensions for buidling entire frame in METRIC Only ?…

  • Bolt together Utility Trailer Plans


    BOLT TOGETHER UTILITY TRAILER PLANS   You can build this handy trailer to haul lumber, topsoil. lawn equipment or just about anything within a 2,000 pound capacity. The lightweight, bolt-together design makes it easy to use and not too dificult to construct These are plans for a 8 X 5 utility trailer with a 2,000…

  • atv log arch plans

    ATV Log Arch Plans


    ATV Log Arch Plans Make your own logging arch. Simple construction. Only Basic Tools Required: Cut-off Saw, Welder, Drill Finished weight of machine = Approx. 120 lbs (depends largely on tire/rim size chosen) Log Sizes up to 30 inches in diameter Construction time = approx. 10 hours Plans contain = 32 digital photographs, 3 diagrams,…

  • 90 degree clamp plans

    90 Degree Clamp Plans


    90 DEGREE CLAMPS PLANS   Heavy Duty Right Angle Clamp Plans Build this Heavy Duty Steel CORNER CLAMP from scrap material. Keep your steel or wood projects square while welding, nailing or glueing together. Easy to build from complete shop drawings!! DIY Right Angle Clamp Plans Include ? Piece Part Drawings ? Complete Bill of…

  • 8x18 Utility Trailer Plans

    8×18 Utility Trailer Plans


    TANDEM AXLE 8X18 UTILITY TRAILER PLANS SEE ALL OF OUR TRAILER PLANS BELOW! BUILD YOUR OWN HEAVY DUTY 8 X 18 TANDEM AXLE FLATBED/UTILITY Trailer and SAVE$$$ Complete plans, instructions, materials list for a flatbed double axle utility trailers with a 7,000 lb GVWR. Trailer meets all state DOT laws and requirements. We help you…

  • 12 ft double axle utility trailer plans12 ft double axle utility trailer plans

    8×12 Utility Trailers Plans


    DOUBLE AXLE 8×12 UTILITY TRAILER PLANS Double Axle 12 Ft Utility Trailer brand new would cost you $ 1,000! With these professionally designed and engineered plans you can build your own trailer and save $$$$!! Complete Trailer Plans come with fabrication shop drawings, individual piece part drawings, all information on utility trailer purchased parts. Complete…

  • 6×10 Utility Trailer Plans


    6×10 Utility Trailer Plans This is a standard 6 by 10 Utility Trailer that would cost $1,000 or more if you purchased it outright. By building your own trailer you will save money and also get a higher quality trailer. Professionally designed 6×10 trailer plans with fabrication shop drawings, individual piece part drawings. Notes with…

  • 5×8 Utility Trailer Plans


    5×8 Utility Trailer Plans Complete Utility Trailer Blueprint Design This is a standard 5×8 Utility Trailer that would cost upwards of $1,000 or more if you purchased it outright. Build your own utility trailer, and SAVE MONEY! 5×8 trailer plans come with fabrication shop drawings Plus DIMENSIONS IN ENGLISH & METRIC BOTH! Notes with suggestions…

  • 12 Foot Utility Trailer Plans


    12 FT SINGLE AXLE TRAILER PLANS   This Standard 12 Ft Utility Trailer would cost you $1,000 or more if you went out and purchased it!? Build your own trailer, save money and get a higher quality trailer. These professionally designed plans show you how! 12 Ft Utility Trailer Plans come with fabrication shop drawings,…

  • Visible Gas Pump Plans


    VISIBLE GAS PUMP PLANS   These simple plans will guide you through the easy process of building your own Vintage Visible Gas Pump! I designed these plans to take you smoothly step by step through the building process with detailed pictures for every step of construction.. Just follow step by step and you can’t go…

  • homemade pellet stove

    Pellet Stove Plans


    PELLET STOVE PLANS   Pellet Stove Burner & Feeder Construction Article – Plans You will receive an eBook featuring a construction article and a few measured drawings showing you how I built a wood pellet burner with a removable burn pot and auger style pellet feeder. This article is the result of?two?years of trial and…

  • Make a Bike Cart Plans


    BIKE CART PLANS   Complete plans to make a community Bike Cart Fully illustrated Step by step instructions Pictures showing bike in use! Only 3.99!