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  • Aluminum Can Crusher Plans


    ALUMINUM CAN CRUSHER PLANS   Complete Plans on How to Make a Electric Can Crusher Download Plans For Can Crusher, Plans show How to Make a Electric Can Crusher, download plans and start building today.? Easily build, sell and install these units and make money in your spare time. Free email support if needed during…

  • alternatie welder plans

    Alternator Welder Plans


    Alternator Welder Plans Homemade Welder From Truck Alternator This is a DIY Home Made Welder Guide by Mike From Michigan who lives off the grid and has many money-saving DIY Plans and Guides. He shows you how to build your own welder from a DELCO 34SI Truck Alternator. This Home Made Welder can be used…

  • Air Hockey Table Plans


    WOODEN AIR HOCKEY TABLE PLANS   You’ll soon find that you have to be as quick as a fox to play hockey with an air-cushioned puck. The floating puck fly?s at lightning speed. A cushion of air created by a fan and some 2360 tiny air jets in this Air Hockey game make for super…

  • Air Conditioning Vacuum Pump Plans


    Homemade Vacuum Pump For Air Conditioner Vacuum Pump Built from scrap parts Homemade Vacuum Pump Another great item built from scrapyard parts or from items on the curbside so that you can keep the money in your own pocket and not give it to the next guy. Have you ever thought about doing the work…

  • air conditioner mister plansair conditioner mister plans

    Air Conditioner Mister


    DIY AC Mister Sprays a mist on your AC coils to reduce kilowatt usage 250 watts per hour or more An Innovative Idea From Renowned Technical Writer Virgil Johnson Homemade Solar Air Conditioner Mister Sprays soft mineral free rainwater on your outside AC coils Includes Wiring diagram Material List Fully automated with Air conditioner control Reduces…

  • Air Compressor Plans Made From Old Time Magneto


    AIR COMPRESSOR PLANS MADE FROM OLD TIME MAGNETO   Although not common today, magneto’s were very common and well build in the early part of the last century.? In as much as some are still available at a fair price, this plan set shows how to use the parts of the magneto, and other “junk”…

  • Adjustable Cedar Chair Plans


    RECLINING OUTDOOR CEDAR CHAIR PLANS   How to build a Reclining Outdoor Chair Complete Woodworking Project! Fun to build Easy To Follow Plans Great family or group project for learning! _Complete Detailed CAD Drawings _Individual Drawings For Each Piece _Over 18 Total _Complete material list is shown on each page so there is no figuring…

  • Accutron Service and Repair for 214 Bulova Series


    ACCUTRON SERVICE AND REPAIR FOR 214 BULOVA SERIES PDF download straight to your computer, instant download no waiting! Accutron 214 Bulova Repair See screenshots for examples! With these simple to view PDF files you can… Zoom in and out for better viewing Print out what you need View them on your tablets. Thank you for…

  • 4x8 Raised Garden Bed Plans

    96″L x 45″W Raised Planter Box Plans


    4×8 Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans This product is great for any gardener who prefers to garden at waist-level or has physical limitations that don’t allow gardening at ground level. Detailed Raised Planter Plans PDF electronic copy GroBest Gardens by Schultek Engineering Ideal for elderly, disabled and handicapped gardeners. Excellent physical therapy. Easy access while standing or sitting….

  • 90 degree clamp plans

    90 Degree Clamp Plans


    90 DEGREE CLAMPS PLANS   Heavy Duty Right Angle Clamp Plans Build this Heavy Duty Steel CORNER CLAMP from scrap material. Keep your steel or wood projects square while welding, nailing or glueing together. Easy to build from complete shop drawings!! DIY Right Angle Clamp Plans Include ? Piece Part Drawings ? Complete Bill of…

  • 8x18 Utility Trailer Plans

    8×18 Utility Trailer Plans


    TANDEM AXLE 8X18 UTILITY TRAILER PLANS SEE ALL OF OUR TRAILER PLANS BELOW! BUILD YOUR OWN HEAVY DUTY 8 X 18 TANDEM AXLE FLATBED/UTILITY Trailer and SAVE$$$ Complete plans, instructions, materials list for a flatbed double axle utility trailers with a 7,000 lb GVWR. Trailer meets all state DOT laws and requirements. We help you…

  • 12 ft double axle utility trailer plans12 ft double axle utility trailer plans

    8×12 Utility Trailers Plans


    DOUBLE AXLE 8×12 UTILITY TRAILER PLANS Double Axle 12 Ft Utility Trailer brand new would cost you $ 1,000! With these professionally designed and engineered plans you can build your own trailer and save $$$$!! Complete Trailer Plans come with fabrication shop drawings, individual piece part drawings, all information on utility trailer purchased parts. Complete…