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  • Dump Load Controller


    SOLAR OR WIND ENERGY POWER DIVERTER   How To Make A Solar or Wind Diversion Load Controller This is a Guide showing you how to make a dump load controller to divert extra power to an alternate source such as a water heater or other. Mike from Michigan shows him “How I Built Mine” style…

  • diy solar volt meter guidediy volt meter wiring diagram

    DIY Solar Wind Digital Voltmeter


    HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR OR WIND VOLTMETER   SOLAR – WIND HIGH VISIBILITY CLOCK DIY Voltmeter In this guide, Mike from Michigan shows you how he made his high visibility Voltmeter so Solar or Wind systems can be easily monitored. Now follow his steps and build your own Visible Voltage Meter! Build your…

  • pma alternator generator planshomebuilt pma generator

    DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator


    BUILD YOUR OWN PMA GENERATOR   Permanent Magnet Alternator DIY This is a Guide and showing you how to make Permanent Magnet Alternator Mike from Michigan shows his “How I Built Mine” DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator to create your own power. Convert an alternator to a permanent magnet and generate power with these Permanent Magnet…

  • horizontal log splitter plansdiy vertical log splitter

    DIY Log Splitter Plans


    DIY LOG SPLITTER PLANS   Medium duty trailer type firewood splitter, log splitter plans.? Can be followed to make an exact copy of the splitter shown or modified to fit your personal needs.? Plans include step by step instructions with digital photos of each step.? Easy to read, Easy to follow.? No difficult blueprints or…

  • build a voltage regulator

    DIY Generator Voltage Regulator


    DIY GENERATOR VOLTAGE REGULATOR   Generac (Simplicity-Sears-Dayton etc) Build it yourself AC Generator Voltage Regulator Circuit DPE Brush Field Type In this Guide, Mike from Michigan shows how he built a Voltage Regulator to fix his Old AC Generator.? Follow his guide on how to repair your old generator and save money by using salvaged…

  • emp protection for vehicles

    Build A EMP Protector


    How To Build an Electromagnetic Pulse Protector In today’s digital age, we rely heavily on electronic devices for communication, transportation, and entertainment. However, the convenience that technology brings also makes us vulnerable to threats such as an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. An EMP can be generated by a nuclear explosion or a solar storm, and…

  • air conditioner mister plansair conditioner mister plans

    Air Conditioner Mister


    DIY AC Mister Sprays a mist on your AC coils to reduce kilowatt usage 250 watts per hour or more An Innovative Idea From Renowned Technical Writer Virgil Johnson Homemade Solar Air Conditioner Mister Sprays soft mineral free rainwater on your outside AC coils Includes Wiring diagram Material List Fully automated with Air conditioner control Reduces…

  • how to make a fluorescent ballastdiy fluorescent ballast

    12v Fluorescent Ballast


    12v FLUORESCENT BALLAST   Build Your Own 12 Volt Full Size Fluorescent Light Ballast Its expensive to buy a good size 12 volt fluorescent light ballast . Sure, you can run 120v units from a power inverter, but that is very inefficient.? Why not just build your own 12v ballast and run VERY efficiently directly…

  • wood fired spa heater plans

    Wood Fired Water Heater for your Spa


    WOOD FIRED SPA HEATER PLANS   Heat any Hot tub or Whirlpool spa with wood. Save 100’s of dollars on utility bills. Plans describe how to build a firebox to heat your spa with wood. Complete plans, drawings, and pictures for building a wood-fired water heater. Download Plans to Build

  • turbine slip rings diy

    Wind Turbine Slip Rings


    DIY WIND TURBINE SLIP RINGS   Fits 1.25″ Pipe Mast Make your own Wind Turbine Slip rings for your Homemade Wind Generator, Home Built Turbine or other DIY Turbine. Mike from Michigan has built many items from PMA?s to battery banks and more. This Homemade Slip Ring Guide will show you how to build Slip…

  • waste oil heater plans pdf

    Waste Oil Burner Stove Construction Article & Plans


    HOMEMADE WASTE OIL BURNER   This is NOT the Mother Earth News burner from the 80’s … This is NOT the multi-fuel burner from the 60’s… This is a dedicated oil burner that really works. Updated waste oil burner design with longer burns between cleanings! You are about to purchase an Ebook featuring a construction…

  • convert waste oil to diesel fuel

    Used Motor Oil Diesel


    CONVERT WASTE OIL TO DIESEL FUEL   Fuel prices keep going rising. Every time you change your oil, you need a place to dump the used oil. Why not use it for fuel? Start saving money on your weekly gas-diesel fuel bill! Convert used oil to diesel fuel and $$AVE! In this Guide, Mike from…