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  • Drill Jig


    DRILL JIG   Drill Jig for Round Bar, Tube and Pipe David from Franklin, New Hampshire has been a long time metal crafter and now offers his through Round Bar, Tube & Pipe Drill Jig Plans. Did you ever want to cross drill a hole right, smack, dab in the middle of a tube or…

  • ddragon grill dxf plasma table file

    Dragon grill dxf file for plasma cutting


    DRAGON GRILL DXF CNC CUTTING FILE   This is a DXF format CAD drawing for use with a CNC Plasma, Laser, Mill or router. This DXF file is for professional & personal use, however, this file may not be resold. DXF is a file extension for a graphic image format typically used with AutoCAD (Computer…

  • DIY Welder & Paintball Tank Refill


    DIY WELDER & PAINTBALL TANK REFILL   How To Refill Your Own CO2 Gas Tank A shielding gas tank for welding is no cheap endevour. A lease is often $250 plus the gas. what if you have a tank laying around? It needs a new hydro test ($50 ), and they will get you for…

  • DIY Swimming Pool

    DIY Swimming Pool


    DIY SWIMMING POOL   If you have ever wanted to build your own swimming pool these plans will show you EVERYTHING from, digging, plumbing, pool chemistry, even how to install your own water slide and diving board! Build a swimming pool of your own and save HALF TO TWO THIRDS the cost of what a…

  • diy solar volt meter guidediy volt meter wiring diagram

    DIY Solar Wind Digital Voltmeter


    HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR OR WIND VOLTMETER   SOLAR – WIND HIGH VISIBILITY CLOCK DIY Voltmeter In this guide, Mike from Michigan shows you how he made his high visibility Voltmeter so Solar or Wind systems can be easily monitored. Now follow his steps and build your own Visible Voltage Meter! Build your…

  • DIY Router


    BUILD YOUR OWN ROUTER   How to Make and Use a Router.? Make your own router from an old used vacuum cleaner motor and wood! A router handles some woodworking jobs no other tool will do.? It’s also one of the easiest power tools to build.? ? The plan shows you how to take a…

  • DIY Root Cellar Storm Shelter

    DIY Root Cellar Storm Shelter


    DIY ROOT CELLAR – STORM SHELTER   Mike from Michigan shows how he repurposed a old Agricultural Liquids tank to a Storm Shelter and cold foods storage. The storage & shelter needed to be sealed from snakes, spiders, mice and squirrels and be above ground so it would not fill with water. He also wanted…

  • DIY Pot Stirrer

    DIY Pot Stirrer


    DIY POT STIRRER   Cuts Time In Half or More! Build this handy automatic stirring device and not only reduce (condense) your sauces, ketchup and many other food stuffs but save time while you are at it! Mike from Michigan created his own handy automatic stirring – agitator device which clamps to your pot.? Spend…

  • DIY Pneumatic PVC Can Crusher


    Pneumatic Can Crusher Plans Complete guide on building your own homemade can crusher. Are you sick of having to crush all your cans with an old manual can crusher? Well, I am, this is why I decide to design and build an air-powered can crusher, that I could build for right around $20. Automatic Pneumatic…

  • DIY Pickup Truck Hoist


    DIY PICKUP TRUCK HOIST   DIY Plans to build your own?3000 lb. Electric Pickup Truck Hoist – Pickup Truck Mounted Cranes. Build and use this 3,000 lb electric truck hoist for your 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton pickup truck. This handy unit will lift all of your heavy projects into the back of your pickup…

  • pma alternator generator planshomebuilt pma generator

    DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator


    BUILD YOUR OWN PMA GENERATOR   Permanent Magnet Alternator DIY This is a Guide and showing you how to make Permanent Magnet Alternator Mike from Michigan shows his “How I Built Mine” DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator to create your own power. Convert an alternator to a permanent magnet and generate power with these Permanent Magnet…

  • horizontal log splitter plansdiy vertical log splitter

    DIY Log Splitter Plans


    DIY LOG SPLITTER PLANS   Medium duty trailer type firewood splitter, log splitter plans.? Can be followed to make an exact copy of the splitter shown or modified to fit your personal needs.? Plans include step by step instructions with digital photos of each step.? Easy to read, Easy to follow.? No difficult blueprints or…