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  • cedar men birdhouse plansfunny birdhouse patterns exploded

    Cedar Men Birdhouse Plans


    Easy To Order and Build

    1. Order Plan
    2. INSTANT DOWNLOAD (after order is submitted) on Thank You Page – or Download Link sent via Email.
    3. Print out the pattern pieces
    4. Trace out patterns onto wood, cut to size and build.


  • Marlin Zimmerman

    Cattle Feeder


    Cattle Feeder Plans This steer feeder is a simple design that I built for many of my neighbors. It opens by completely tilting the whole roof to one side, making it easy to fill, or access for cleanout if necessary. I built them as a sideline and didn’t advertise much, but many of them were…

  • Catch Wrestling Manual


    Catch Wrestling Catch As Catch Can Style How To. Learn the lost art of catch wrestling standing style. Comprehensive and fully illustrated! Rare Lessons! Only 4.99

  • Catch Wrestling Lessons


    CATCH WRESTLING LESSONS Catch Wrestling All In Fully Illustrated with pictures and drawings! Learn these secret and rare techniques now! Cumberland and Westmoreland styles and more. Very good instructions and origins of these catch wrestling moves. Now Only 3.99

  • Cat Weathervane DXF Plasma FileCat Weathervane DXF Plasma File

    Cat Weathervane DXF Plasma File


    CAT & MOUSE WEATHERVANE VECTOR DXF FILE   This is a DXF format CAD drawing for use with a CNC Plasma, Laser, Mill or router. This DXF file is for professional & personal use, however, this file may not be resold. DXF is a file extension for a graphic image format typically used with AutoCAD…

  • Cargo Strap Winder Plans


    CARGO STRAP WINDER PLANS   Build A Cargo Strap Winder Cargo straps often lay in a pile in the box on your truck, and when you grab one, they all come for a ride because they are tangled. This item shows you?the inexpensive way Mike from Michigan built a cargo strap winder. He used easy…

  • Car Trailer Plans


    DIY Car Trailer Plans Thorough Steel Deck Car Hauler Plans show you how to build yourself and!? USE Salvaged Parts, steel and more, then build this trailer and save!? These plans cover everything you need to build your own car hauler including Brakes, DOT Laws, Safety and much more. These Car Trailer Plans MEET DOT…

  • Can Crusher Plans


    CAN CRUSHER PLANS   Mechanical Can Crusher Plans Complete DIY Can Crusher Plans will enable you to build your own Aluminum Can Crusher & Tin Can Crusher or Metal Soup Can Crusher. CHUCK YOUR POWER DRILL UP TO THE SHAFT & turn this into a powered can crusher! Easily Crush & Recycle All of Your…

  • Cabinet Plans


    HOW TO BUILD CABINETS   Modern cabinet making in a traditional face frame design.? Whether your project is a tool cabinet, entertainment unit, or kitchen cabinet, one of the cornerstones to woodworking is building a cabinet.? The skills and techniques are the same for each and are transferable to most other projects you will ever…

  • Bumper Pool Table Plans


    HOW TO BUILD A BUMPER POOL TABLE PLANS   Fun for the whole family: a bumper pool table that you can build, and it takes up approximately one third the space of a normal pool table. Now even apartment dwellers and people with small homes can enjoy playing pool. Great indoor activity and it’s not…

  • Vintage Six Wheel ATV Plans


    6 WHEEL ATV PLANS   INSTANT DOWNLOAD SPECIALIZED vehicles can be a ball but all of them bring to mind one immediate drawback?cost. For something you may not use too often, justifying the expense could prevent you’re having a lot of fun. The MI Marauder licks this cost problem and adds safety features not found…

  • Build Your Own BBQ Grill

    Build Your Own BBQ Grill


    HOW TO BUILD A BBQ GRILL   Complete BBQ Grill Plans See the Mini BBQ Grill in Action! BBQ Grill Plans – Homemade BBQ Grill Plans 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Plans – Grill Traditionally with Grate – Load your food into baskets and rotisserie the baskets – Put a Chicken, Prime Rib or whatever…