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  • Build Your Own BBQ Grill

    Build Your Own BBQ Grill


    HOW TO BUILD A BBQ GRILL   Complete BBQ Grill Plans See the Mini BBQ Grill in Action! BBQ Grill Plans – Homemade BBQ Grill Plans 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Plans – Grill Traditionally with Grate – Load your food into baskets and rotisserie the baskets – Put a Chicken, Prime Rib or whatever…

  • Build Your Own ATV


    ATV PLANS   These plans show you how to build your own ATV Frame and is ideal for recycling an old motorcycle – ATV as many parts may be reused, resourced from the “donor”- Engine, brakes sprockets, fuel tank etc. DIY Plans Details: ? Details and dimensions for buidling entire frame in METRIC Only ?…

  • Build Negative Ion Generator


    BUILD NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR     DIY Ozone Negative Ion Generator Guide Mike from Michigan shows ?how I built mine? Negative Ion Generator.? Ozone and Negative Ions seek out and kill Mold and Mildew! This DIY Guide will show you the High Voltage Negative Ion Generator Machine makes HUGE amounts of Ozone and Negative Ions….

  • Build A Smoker Grill

    Build A Smoker Grill


    BUILD YOUR OWN HOMEMADE SMOKER   You Too Can Smoke Your Own Food This 56-page e-book comes complete with imperial and metric scale drawings together with easy to follow work instructions for you to build your own smoker. With photographs at every stage, tips, and techniques and a full bill of materials, this project is…

  • Build a Mower style Line Trimmer

    Build a Mower style Line Trimmer


    Homemade Grass Trimmer Make your own Lawn-Mower Style grass trimmer. Heavy-duty weed and grass line trimmer plans. The lawnmower style design makes it much easier to mow large areas of high weeds and grass with more power and a larger cutting area than the handheld trimmer style. Complete DIY plans, drawings, and pictures for building your…

  • Vintage Homemade Welder Plans


    HOMEMADE WELDER PLANS   INSTANT DOWNLOAD! SMALL ENOUGH to be hidden beneath the hood of a passenger car, yet powerful enough to handle electrodes up to3/16- in. dia., this 200-amp.arc welder is powered by the engine of the car in which it is installed, and can be taken anywhere that an automobile can be driven.

  • Vintage Crucible Furnace Plans


    Making a furnace powered by gas in your own backyard!   WITH THIS SMALL FURNACE you can melt down aluminum, brass, and copper; preheat small, thick pieces of iron and steel for brazing or forging; caseharden soft steel; make-up alloys and bake vitreous enamels on metals. You can use either LP or city gas. The…

  • emp protection for vehicles

    Build A EMP Protector


    How To Build an Electromagnetic Pulse Protector In today’s digital age, we rely heavily on electronic devices for communication, transportation, and entertainment. However, the convenience that technology brings also makes us vulnerable to threats such as an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. An EMP can be generated by a nuclear explosion or a solar storm, and…

  • Bottle Opener DXF Plasma File


    BOTTLE OPENER DXF CNC ART FILE   This is a DXF format CAD drawing for use with a CNC Plasma, Laser, Mill or router. This DXF file is for professional & personal use, however, this file may not be resold. DXF is a file extension for a graphic image format typically used with AutoCAD (Computer…

  • Bolt together Utility Trailer Plans


    BOLT TOGETHER UTILITY TRAILER PLANS   You can build this handy trailer to haul lumber, topsoil. lawn equipment or just about anything within a 2,000 pound capacity. The lightweight, bolt-together design makes it easy to use and not too dificult to construct These are plans for a 8 X 5 utility trailer with a 2,000…

  • Bicycle Accessories Plans


    BICYCLE ACCESSORIES PLANS   Bicycle Accessories – Trailer, Child Seat, Car Bike Rack Plans Several individual plans make up this package of accessories for your bike.? Two different types of trailers, two different styles of infant or child seats, several versions of a delivery basket, and two different bumper mounted bike car bike racks round…

  • Best Dill Pickle Recipe


    BEST DILL PICKLE RECIPE   Best Dill Pickle Recipe WHISKEY BARREL PICKLES This is quite simply the best dill pickle recipe you will ever have! Mike from Michigan shares his family kept secret recipe, called Whiskey Barrel Pickles. As a child he remembers people coming from miles to get his Dad?s Pickles. They are not…