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  • Bear Dream Catcher cnc dxf file

    Grizzly Bear Dream Catcher DXF Plasma File


    Grizzly Bear Dream Catcher CNC DXF File Scalable Dream Catcher DXF File for metal fabrication shops and cnc plasma table businesses. DXF Art Cut File that can be cut out and displayed in Mancave, Garage, Den, Outside area and more! File is designed to cut out approximately 14 inches in diamter. This is a digital…

  • GrassHopper ATV Building Plans


    GRASSHOPPER ATV BUILDING PLANS   Homemade ATV Plans Great Father/Son Project…. Start Building Memories Today !!

  • Gold Drywasher Plans


    GOLD DRYWASHER PLANS “Get The Gold!” Vintage Gas powered Drywasher Plans! Instant Download PDF files! “Strike it rich in half the time with this vibrating rig which lets you sift for gold far from streams, where “claim jumpers” are a rarity” Homemade Gold Drywasher Plans Instant Download Straight To Your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet With…

  • Vintage Go kart Plans


    GO KART PLANS Vintage Plans Highway Kart Instant Download ONLY 2.99! Step by step instructions to make your own Go Kart! With these plans, you can view them on your computer and zoom in and out or even reprint them to take to your shop or garage! Get these plans now and get yourself going…

  • go kart plans

    Go Kart Plans


    GO KART PLANS   4 Gokart and ATV Plans Special! Complete step by step Go Kart Plans Special. Great Welding Projects to learn from. Makes great metal fabrication industrial arts idea, and other group projects. 6 Go Kart Building Plans PLUS Plans on How To Build A ATV – 7 TOTAL Go Cart Plans! What…

  • GM H Body Sub Frame Repair


    GM H BODY SUB FRAME REPAIR   GM H-body Sub-Frame Repair from ’92 to ’99 Many folks have experienced sub-frame problems with the GM H-body from ’92 to ’99. The rear sub-frame members have rotted away right around the mounts to the body allowing the whole drive train assembly to drop down and possibly disconnect…

  • Generator & Motor Rewinding

    Generator & Motor Rewinding


    DIY AC GENERATOR & MOTOR REWINDING   Lightning damage and a huge repair bill for your standby power generator?? Electric motors and ac generators are basically the same and the same skills and materials can be used to rewind both.?Mike from Michigan?shows a lightning damaged stator being rewound with new coils. It covers removing the…

  • diy electricity from fire

    Generate Electricity From Heat


    DIY ELECTRICITY FROM YOUR WOODSTOVE OR OTHER HEAT SOURCE   Electricity can be generated directly from most any heat source. It is called “the Seebeck effect”. Mike from Michigan used this generating phenomenon to run an air circulating fan which also worked as a humidifier, by combining a fan and a saucepan which held water….

  • Vintage Gas Powered Bike Plans


    POWER BIKE PLANS   Instant Download Only 2.99! GASOLINE-powered engines have been?popular with bicycle?enthusiasts ever since such engines were made small enough to fit a?bicycle frame. The power bike described here is belt-driven. It will go up to 35 m.p.h. on level?stretches. It is definitely not a toy that can be hammered or wired together…

  • Garden Utility Trailer Plans

    Garden Utility Trailer Plans


    GARDEN TRACTOR TRAILER PLANS   Make this utility trailer for your garden tractor.? You will have the cure for the pain caused by? those toiling, back breaking heavy chores.? This versatile trailer, constructed of common materials, fits almost any make of garden tractor.? The flexible arrangement of the interlocking slated sides, and the removable rear…

  • Garden & Yard Cart Plans

    Garden & Yard Cart Plans


    GARDEN & YARD CART PLANS   (New Lower Price !) These are DIY plans for a strong, heavy duty, two wheel cart.?? It can do anything a wheelbarrow can, only better and easier, except mixing cement due to the wood box. Even when heavily loaded, this cart requires very little effort to move around.?? It?s…

  • mobile gantry crane plansdiy gantry crane plans

    Gantry Crane Plans


    Gantry Crane Plans 2 Ton mobile gantry crane plans are great for garage shop or business use.  Easily fabricate this Gantry Crane yourself and save money while doing so. Ideal for lifting heavy objects from your truck bed or trailer. Remove truck & car engines with ease, no more hassle as the gantry crane gives…