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  • build a voltage regulator

    DIY Generator Voltage Regulator


    DIY GENERATOR VOLTAGE REGULATOR   Generac (Simplicity-Sears-Dayton etc) Build it yourself AC Generator Voltage Regulator Circuit DPE Brush Field Type In this Guide, Mike from Michigan shows how he built a Voltage Regulator to fix his Old AC Generator.? Follow his guide on how to repair your old generator and save money by using salvaged…

  • DIY Electronic Garden Pest Control

    DIY Electronic Garden Pest Control


    DIY ELECTRONIC GARDEN PEST CONTROL   Electrostatic Garden Pest Deterent Mike from Michigan shows ?How I Built Mine? Electronic Garden Pest Repeller! A natural Pest Control for your garden. No chemicals! Green DIY Pest Control! While experimenting with electricity to increase plant growth Mike noticed he no longer had issues with Rabbits or Woodchucks chewing…

  • Vintage Electric Trolling Motor Plans


    DIY ELECTRIC TROLLING MOTOR High Horsepower outboards and even inboard/outboards are great for getting to your favorite fishing spot, but they aren’t so great for trolling around once your there.? Most fishing setups today include an electric trolling motor for just this reason.? The latest crop of electric trolling motors is very nice in all…

  • DIY Driveway Groomer

    DIY Driveway Groomer


    DIY DRIVEWAY GROOMER   BUILD A DRIVEWAY DRAG Homemade Driveway Groomer Mike from Michigan built this sweet little driveway drag. It uses truck frame channel (may use other channel) for grader blades . It is adjustable for grade height and has dump feature for cleaning or filling big holes Shown being pulled by a 12hp…

  • DIY Concrete Boom Trucks


    DIY CONCRETE BOOM TRUCKS   Don’t buy Used Boom Trucks when you can have a brand new 14,000 lb Boom Truck Loader built by you or your local fabricator from our professionally designed plans! If you are looking for Used Boom Trucks or Boom Trucks for sale, save time and money by building your own,…

  • DIY Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance Guide

    DIY AC Repair


    DIY AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR & MAINTENANCE GUIDE   Air Conditioner Repair & Maintence Ebook showing you how to service home AC systems (R-22 refrigerant-type, mainly) About this DIY AC book: If you intend to become a AC service tech this book alone, will not get you there. If you want to tune up your central…

  • Disc Sander Plans


    DISC SANDER PLANS   Disc Sander Plans, Motorized ~ Wall Mounted or Free Standing David from Franklin, New Hampshire has been a long time metal crafter and now offers his very thorough Stationary Disc Sander Plans. There?s nothing I like better than working in my shop making stuff out of metal.? My pet peeve is…

  • Diesel Engine Sleeve Cylinder Puller


    DIESEL ENGINE SLEEVE CYLINDER PULLER   Perkins Diesel Engine Sleeve Cylinder Puller Massey Ferguson This manual shows how to fabricate a sleeve puller for an AD3-152, ADG3-152 & AD4-203 Perkins engines. It is made from scrap materials and works quite well. I built this puller when I overhauled my Massey Ferguson. Worked great and now…

  • Vintage Die Filing Machine Plans


    DIE FILLING MACHINE PLANS   Filing Machine Plans Specifications: Filing Machine Plans for small parts. Die Filing Machine Plans for Truing and squaring. Uses a 1/4 H.P. 1750 R.P.M. motor. Also makes a speedy jigsaw for cutting out all kinds of items for projects & hobbies. Filing Machine Plans, inside or outside die filing! Also,…

  • Dads World Famous BBQ CNC Art Files


    Dad’s World Famous BBQ DXF Image DXF File Artwork With Text Scalable DXF Images for CNC Plasma cutting, laser cutting, water jet, routing and more 16×22 Approximate Cut Size, can be scaled larger or smaller depending on your equipment. This BBQ Sign once cut out from the dxf image is a great piece of decor…

  • Dads Famous BBQ Round DXF Art Files


    Dad’s World Famous BBQ Round DXF FIle DXF CNC Art With Text Scalable DXF Image for CNC Plasma cutting, laser cutting, water jet, routing and more 18 Inch Approximate Cut Size, can be scaled larger or smaller depending on your equipment. Dad’s BBQ Sign cut out from this dxf art is a great piece of…

  • Dachshund Crossing DXF CNC Plasma File


    DOXI CROSSING DXF CNC PLASMA FILE   2 Piece weiner dog crossing dxf file for cutting out on your plasma, laser, water jet machine and more. DXF File Specs: 2 part design Finished overall size 14 inch Cut both out and bolt together Both files included in download.