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  • water powered car plans

    Run Your Car On Water Manual Plans


    Guide To Run Your?Car On Hydrogen & Oxygen   ALTERNATIVE FUEL Water Powered Car Plans! FULL PLANS IN COLOR 188 Pages Total! Complete plans with diagrams and color How To illustrations! YOU WILL NEED plastic water tank with pump and level sensor. the control circuit, wiring, connectors, and epoxy. reaction chamber with electrodes and fittings….

  • PVC Air horn plans

    PVC Air Horn Plans


    HOW TO MAKE A PVC AIR HORN   Build a super loud train horn from PVC and a few other common household items! NO WAITING INSTANT DOWNLOAD PVC Horn Plans Step by step instructions for a homemade PVC air horn! Air Horn Details 68 High Definition Pictures & 36 Pages Detailed Instructions for PVC Train…

  • homemade pellet stove

    Pellet Stove Plans


    PELLET STOVE PLANS   Pellet Stove Burner & Feeder Construction Article – Plans You will receive an eBook featuring a construction article and a few measured drawings showing you how I built a wood pellet burner with a removable burn pot and auger style pellet feeder. This article is the result of?two?years of trial and…

  • outdoor wood boiler plans

    Outdoor Wood Stove (Boiler) Plans


    OUTDOOR BOILER PLANS   The cost of home heating can be an ever-escalating burden on the family budget. Would you like to decrease, or eliminate your dependence on the utility companies for heat? Do you have access to wood in any form, including hard, soft, or “garbage” wood? Consider installing an outside wood stove. Maybe…

  • Muscle Car Garage DXF Plasma File


    MUSCLE CAR GARAGE DXF Plasma File UNIQUE CREATE YOUR OWN MUSCLE CAR GARAGE SIGNS Designed to Cut Out 15” WIDE – larger or smaller depending on your equipment. One of a kind DXf Metal ART FOR BUSINESS, BAR, MANCAVE, GARAGE, REC ROOM AND MORE! Final Cut Piece Designed: – HORIZONTAL 15” WIDE DOES NOT include any supplies…

  • Moonshine Jug Corn Liquor DXF File


    Moonshine Jug Corn Liquor DXF File White Lightning – 11O Proof Plasma Cutter Sign Quality designed -?.dxf File Format POPULAR MOONSHINE JUG SIGN Designed to Cut Out at 12? Tall Scalable Art for CNC Plasma Cutting, laser, water jet routing or engraving. GREAT PIECE OF ART FOR BUSINESS, BAR, MANCAVE, GARAGE, REC ROOM AND MANY…

  • Measuring Magnetic Field


    MEASURING MAGNETIC FIELD   Magnetc Field Strength Detector Are you building your own permanent magnet alternator for wind power or do you use magnets experimentally? Would you like to know easily which end of the magnet you are looking at and how strong it is? This Magnetic Guide Shows You How To Test: ? Magnetic…

  • Make a Bike Cart Plans


    BIKE CART PLANS   Complete plans to make a community Bike Cart Fully illustrated Step by step instructions Pictures showing bike in use! Only 3.99!

  • diy homemade liquid heat exchanger

    Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchanger


    DIY LIQUID HEAT EXCHANGER   This project was developed to be used with an Outdoor Wood Burning Water Stove, to heat an in-ground swimming pool; however, it could be used with any heated water source. The main element of this plan is a simple liquid to the liquid heat exchanger, made from common, copper plumbing…

  • KFC Recipes


    KFC RECIPES Yummy Recipes ready for you to download Only 2.99 Yummy KFC recipes are ready for you to make just like the restaurants! KFC Chicken Recipe KFC Cole Slaw Recipe KFC Macaroni Recipe KFC Potato Salad Recipe KFC Crispy Chicken & More! Why go to KFC when you can stay at home and make…

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    Handyman Projects


    HANDYMAN PROJECTS Handyman Plans Special DIY Guides and information all created by Mike from Michigan.? Get all 40 of his “How I Built Mine” style guides and information all great ideas and projects for around the home and saving money$$$ NOW WITH FREE UPDATES – Purchase once and get free updates when new projects are…

  • Grill dxf file for plasma cutting


    Knockdown BBQ Grill CNC DXF File Dimensions: Length 19 11/16″ (500mm) Width 9 27/32″ (250mm) Height 12 19/32″ (320mm) Metal sheet 1/8″ (3mm) This is a DXF format CAD drawing for use with a CNC Plasma, Laser, Mill or router. This DXF file is for professional & personal use, however, this file may not be…